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Enjoying life

Yesterday Sunday was the Fun Day on Tankerton Slope (Thames Estuary). I missed the fly by of the Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire, because our singing group was assembling! This is a group call Inspiration - a group formed with lung disease people. We had a jolly good time.Passers-by flocked. I recognized several friends from church. We were all smiling and clapping hands! A good session!

Last week, I had my blood examined, as I suffer from neutropenia, = low white blood cells count. My consultant saw that I had too little platelets and is watching this. But she worried me when she suddenly said: "Can I examine you", as she put her hand underneath my armpit. She said: "Mm! Your glands are a bit swollen" But she wouldn't tell me the meaning of this. However, I have to have a scan on Wed 2nd July at the unsocial time of 6 pm.

Since she didn't tell me anything, I surfed the net where straight away they tell you it's cancer! I am a bit concerned!

When I told her about my swollen ankle, and told her not to say Mm! She said Mm! why can she not say, "Look your right heart is not pumping the blood back properly" I am wearing compression socks, but with the summer, my ankle swells!

Lots of massage with oil with Chamomile essence and lavender. At least it smells nice! Hope you enjoy the summer time.

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I don't think we have spoken before so I would like to say hello & nice to meet you :-)

I suffer with agoraphobia so don't get out mush but love to read what others have been doing & you described what sounds like a perfect day which you thoroughly enjoyed & the lovely weather as well at the moment must have been a bonus :-)

I am sorry you are having health problems & even though I dont suffer with those health problems I must say in this heat my feet are swelling so can only imagine what it must be like for you

I do understand what it is like to go & see your GP & instead of giving you a clear answer they leave you wondering , maybe you could make another appointment & ask them if they would explain things more to you

I have health anxiety & have found Google one of the worse things to look on as it always gives you the worse scenario & as my GP explained Google does not have my medical history so it is not a diagnosis on me personally what I might read on there , now not to frighten & upset myself I have stopped going on & looking & I come on here & talk to others that understand how I feel & how anxiety can make us worry so much

I hope you are enjoying the weather today & thank you for posting :-)





Dear 1whywhy,

Thank you for the advice on google. True, it doesn't have my file either. so I'll wait to have this scan and see!



Wishing you all the best with the results of your scan & hope if you need to talk you will know we are here to listen even if we don't always have the answers

I also hope you will also let us know how it goes :-)


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HI Helingmic x And welcome :) .

Oh wow what a wonderful day yesterday sounds, its so nice to have the great weather behind us on days like this and to see the old planes go by and such x I am in the north east and know they have a big air show here once a year but ive never made it there and would love to see it.

Sorry to hear about your illness, low neutrophil count is a hard one as no two days are the same, if your not feeling tired and so on you seem to catch all going, my husband and son have low neutro, s normally ranging in the 1.9 mark. I do hope that your scan goes well, its always better to have these things checked and normally they are fine :) Try to not read to much into what you read on the internet it could be that you have an infection which with low neutros is normal and its is affecting your glands x

Hot weather can lead to a lot of swollen ankles x our massage oils must smell divine xx Hope you also have a lovely summer and nice to meet you x Donver x

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Donver, Thank you. I am a natural optimist, so I shall just wait and see. If I'm dead, so be it :)


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