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my poor head


hi all , sorry not been on here much daily headaches wont go away ( i know being on this wont help my head but needs must for advice ) ...seen my eye special;ist another 2 times and been to doctors twice , all they do is say keep a headache diary or as the docs say more tablets , now migrane ones and yes they stop pain but next morning or before its back , intense pain over my left eye then it spreads over top off head then back off neck .......... tablets are paramax , helps side affects off nausea .. 5 weeks off daily headaches ...... they say a scan i say yes thats ok but when ? eye man changed my lenses , im not happy , sorry too moan

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Hi you are definately not moaning i feel for you i have been going to docs for six months. Still no answers to my symptoms of stiff upper back stomache problems wind that goes round ribs so uncomfortable at times. Still trying to find out what is wrong with me and I'm not giving up so be persistent you are not alone

thanks for reply wind i find WINDEZE TABLETS work so well , trapped pain , wind etc do try it , tablets best not capsules

Thank you.

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yes i use magnesium helps my restless legs , where do u get your magnesium from ? and what kind and strength?

Hello Peter :-)

So sorry you are suffering so much with these headaches , I am a migraine sufferer so I have a good idea how you will be feeling

I wonder if you could leave your contacts out for a week or two and wear your glasses if that may help , it could be worth a try ?

They will have to get to the bottom of it eventually but anxiety and stress does play a big part with headaches to

I hope they sort this out soon for you :-)

Take Care x

no sadly i cant wear glasses for more rhan an hour as my kericatonis eye condition means my eyes wont cope .irs lenses only ! xgood too hear from u !

O that is not an option then , looks like we are going to have to hope they get to the bottom of this and find something to help

If we think positive it is nothing sinister or they would have picked up on that after all this time but still you need it sorted and I hope they do soon :-) x

kings eye dept wed 16th , its a long wait

Soon be here Peter before you know it as soon as we get this Christmas par-lava out the way it won't be long before your appointment will be here and don't eave till they tell you how they are going to help you , let them know you are sick of it now and want some answers :-) x

i do yes x

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