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I think it will work out

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My mom used to tell me that it will work out and sometimes i believed it and sometimes she was right. 😉 And the other times well I had become angry over a few things not coming to be until I let them go as did peace flow back into my heart. One thing I focus on is letting myself relax before an event or action I must take, as the most important to me had equaled how anxious I should be but not I know it’s impirtant to chill and save up that energy for when the event actually is due and not to much fuss and stress before it. I think Paxil has been helping me get to a place in which I now have more of a choice. But still as we go into a new year I am confused about my dreams and I hope I get more of an understanding as to what the important ones are. i think I haven’t really realized some of what I imagine I will be going for. I don’t know if I believe i will accomplish much but do imagine it’s possible. We must be careful of what we allow ourselves to believe. The thoughts are so quick to move we might grab a hold accidentally taking it as true instead of filtering it out. Or let one great one slip away. I chose to pick out the positive thoughts I notice and then in a way they are me, following along, making healthy choices and helping the growing. So yeah I’m growing. Healing. Becoming okay I pray.

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It will work out, because you have the right approach, Happy New Year darling💕 xxxxx

Thank you! I am tryyyyyying to believe that! Such a struggle. Love to you and your family may you all be well.

We are all well, thank you xxxx


I agree with Florida1959 it will because you do have the right approach :-)

Take Care x

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Awww so nice! I love when people I trust tell me positive things!

Hey, my beautiful friend. I have faith that everything will work out for you because, you are a loving, sweet person. If not, I am going to ride along with you until everything does work out. Your BFF is always here for, even if he does get distracted with his beautiful, new life sometimes. Always looking out for the most beautiful star in the galaxy!


Hi girl, how are you, xxxxx

Hey there, how are ya? I’m hangin in there, trying so hard and feeling so tense 😬 my imagination messing with me. I’m trying to believe the happier calmer perspective. Hope you are well my friend.

Very well hun, stay calm xxxxxx

I will try. I have some new meditations to try. What keeps you calm? Blessings to you and your family. ❤️

Meditation, app over here called Calm, walking, yoga when I get back to it, definitely nature x

Oh I used Calm for a bit and Tara Brach for many years and now going to try some new ones. I walk everyday too, oooowwww I used to do yoga but nowadays it drives me nuts...you like it? Keep up all the goodness you are doing. 😊

Loves ya xxxx 💗

Love ya too ❤️


Heyyyyyy star how are you? Happy new year

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Heeeeeeeya Redfox!!! Happy New Year! I’ve been better but I’ve been worse so trying just keep trying. How are you?

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Same for me. Now after few incidents I think am prone to Anxiety. Haven't slept for a while. But am fine lol

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Awww ha glad u r fine. Maybe I’m more okay than I think haha I know it’s true only need to convince myself. Hope you get some good sleep when you need it. 😊

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Yes I hope that too. Am trying to stay positive like always and actually it's helping me. The more you think that you're not fine, more you will feel bad.

Correct me if am wrong 😅

Very true...what we tell ourselves becomes a trickyy falsehood that turns into the truth if we believe it... we are more well than we are sick. I will try thinking strictly positive. I know it makes a real difference... I hope I remember... best to you!

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