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Dealing with anxiety and panic attacks without medication

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I have a doubt. Since I read Clare Weeks book "Self-help with your nerves" I have learn to deal with my anxiety and panic attacks in a "let it come, ride it and back to normal, without taking medication and so far has worked for me. So when I sense a panic attack or anxiety and my heart still pounding fast I let it go up and wait until the panic subsides.

Recently I had a lots of anxiety because I had to do a upper endoscopy and I was very worried, so a couple of days after the test I had heartburn and my heart started beating fast and ended up in A&E with a panic attack, I couldn't wait until the heart calmed down, couldn't managed I was too afraid my heart was beating at 130 bpm. They did an ECG and the doctor said it was a sinus tachycardia and gave me a tranquilizer which I didn't take because once I am checked out and find out that it's anxiety I calm down.

My question is:

Could it be dangerous in the long term for the heart to beat fast during panic attacks. I still want to use the same technique but once you ridge over 100 bpm is the heart working harder than it should? I would appreciate if someone could explained this? Many thanks.

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Hello star68 :-)

There are so many people benefited from Clare Weeks books and I am pleased her writings have been helping you :-)

As for your question I would not think it would do your heart any harm if it was just now and again it happened but the best person to ask would be your Doctor , they would be the one's to know and could reassure you so you could get back to benefiting from the books you are reading that are helping you so much :-)

Take Care x

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It's only dangerous if your heart beats fast all the time, not during panic attacks, workouts, getting startled etc. My cardiologist told me he knows people who are physically fit and have a higher rate (like 100 or so) at baseline and there is no danger...they just have a naturally higher heart rate. Also everything I have read about anxiety indicates the rapid heart rate associated with panic attacks won't harm you.

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