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Happiest happiness to you 😃


I was feeling sorry for myself just now when I realized I could make the best out of all that’s going on and do something nice for someone else, forget myself.

Long ago one of my best friends was having a bad day so she decided to buy me a happy face cookie. I think she said Opra gave her the idea.

Anyway I hope you are having a good day but if not then maybe try giving to someone. It might turn your day to happy!

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You made my day with your sharing happiness! I accept your gift, and wish you much happiness, too. I find it hard, on down days, to dig through all the trash hiding joy. Sometimes, it seems too hard. You reminding me that sending joy helps us find ours under all that junk. Thank you.

Love ya! And you just made my day. Thank you. I feel the happiness the peace and joy and in them the love ❤️

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Well, I love ya both. I used to sell the happy cookies. I always thought they were cute. But, I think both of you are cute too. Have an extra good day for me!

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Love right backatchya awesome you!

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