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Living with Anxiety
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Back to work tomorrow!

so as you will know I have had a relapse wih my anxiety and depression..

started in April and is still ongoing! I normally have them last a few weeks never this long.

im going back to work tomorrow I am excited but nervous at the same time.

I don't want to let anyone especially myself down.

I am back on the mirtazapine 45mg a day

tried to swap to fluoxitine and had a adverse reaction..

I got very depressed also suicidal and was taken a&e (very scary)

I am speaking to insight healthcare had my assessment and am awaiting what therapy they will offer me

so nearly 3 months of hell and being back on mirtazapine for 9 weeks I am feeling crap anxiety isn't so bad but my depression has peaked.

my positivity is also taking a battering..

but im still here fighting

so off to work I go..

anyone else work with this health condition? need some happy positive vibes!

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Similar issues here, but getting back to work is actually much better. First week or so a little bumpy but having a lot of things to do I feel is far better. I took 1 year off to try to heal and only got worse no matter what I tried. Working 1 month now and I feel better than I did the entire time off work. So I'm hoping you will get similar results. I still take time every day to walk during breaks and do 5 minutes of breathing exercises during work and suggest you do this to keep from getting too worked up from work!

Now if I could just figure out why I still have anxiety that wakes me up only during the night or sleeping it would really be great. Nothing seems to make a dent in that problem except benzo based drugs but I'm trying to be off them.


I wake all the time stress and anxious I never switch off always wired at night.


I've made some good progress by deciding that night time is only for sleeping and being super comfy. It's not for thinking, planning, worrying or anything else. You may find that just focusing on being as comfy as possible and only that works for you too. If you can't sleep just repeat to yourself that resting is almost as good as sleeping and good enough. I also practice focused breathing for a while to fall back asleep.



I am never sure as you don't comment if the replies are helpful that you get but I do hope so :-)

I think you must be very strong because even though you have been and are still going through so much you are attempting going back to work and you should be feeling so proud of yourself and no matter what happens you will certainly not let yourself down or others because trying to do our best whatever that maybe is all anyone can do and you are doing just that :-)

You may find been at work helps and gives you something to focus on and I hope you have a Manager or someone you can talk to that will give you all the support you deserve

Good Luck !


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I do try to reply I have had this years I have tried most breathing exercises and books medication and im on the waiting list for counselling and cbt.



How has work gone , better than you expected :-)


Well done you! I've found if I can keep working albeit with a few allowances here and there it really helps. How have your first few days been? 😊 x

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yeah really good when im there its the build up to get there that I don't like

im having trouble sleeping now due to stress anxiety and depression so am exhausted xx


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