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Crippling anxiety before new job


I was recently laid off and it’s really taken a toll on my anxiety disorder. I have been interviewing and was hoping for an offer from one place but they decided to bring me in as a temp to possible perm. I didn’t do my best in the interview so I assume they had some doubts. Now having crippling anxiety about starting and wondering if anyone experienced this. My previous job situation led me to lose confidence and I’ve had a really tough time lately. I’m putting extra pressure on myself thinking they don’t have confidence in me since they didn’t give me offer. I’m having tons of irrational fears like I won’t be able to do work and will feel awful if I don’t get hired 😢

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HiddenVolunteer Supporter

Hi there and welcome. Thing is I think a lot of places take people on as a "temp" as sort of a trial run.The company must think you are worth giving the job a try ~ otherwise you wouldn't have been given the opportunity. So go in there with head held high and give it your best shot ~ it's Mr Anxiety talking saying " oh you can't do this" Well you can do it !! Hope it all goes well for you ~ keep coming on here and would love to hear how it goes for you! Good Luck 🙂

sajax in reply to Hidden

Thanks so much. I’m glad I found this place too because I’ve lived with horrible GAD for years but when I have one of these episodes it feels catastrophic. It’s so upsetting waking up feeling nervous and sick 24 hours a day

HiddenVolunteer Supporter in reply to sajax

I think to us anxiety sufferers everything seems magnified, ~ a drop of water to others is an ocean to us!When are you starting your job,?Let us know so we can give you lots of support 🙂

Hello & Welcom sajax :-)

Well I will congratulate you on getting the temp job as now as jobs go and getting a job that is a huge achievement so well done you :-)

I know you took a knock getting laid of and now that anxiety is trying to take hold as that is what it does best but it is your anxiety telling you these negative things and not what actually is :-)

Do you know so many people apply for so many jobs and do not even get as much as an interview ? seriously that is true so how well have you done , honestly you should be proud

Hidden is right now a days they do these temp job offers and yes it is sometimes to see if you are up to the job , but what you have to tell yourself is that you can only do your best and if this job was not meant for you then so be it because something else would come along but then this job could be perfect you just never know , but you go and be you , do your best and no matter what happens know that you tried you best as that is all we can ever ask of ourselves :-)

Good luck and if you need a chat you know where we are , let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x

sajax in reply to lulu-1

I’m putting way too much pressure on myself because I want it to work out but every day all these what if’s keep coming to my head till I end up in tears

lulu-1 in reply to sajax

Hello :-)

We all do , I think it is a trait that comes with anxiety , but we have to learn not to , which I know is not easy but in time we can get better at it :-)

You will do fine , whatever the outcome always remember you did your best and whatever that is will be good enough :-) x


I wanted to say welcome and I’m glad you found us here 🌺 x

Hello sajax

I can feel your anxiety and I feel really sorry that you are feeling like this

They wouldn't have offered it to you if they didn't think you were good enough think how many people there are out there looking for employment

Turn it around that this temp position will be for you to see if they are good enough for you

You are just as good as anyone else

Go for it you can and will do it and everyone on this forum is behind you and are here to listen

Good luck 😊

Welcome sajax,

There’s nothing more i can add to everyone’s replies as they are all right.

Good luck and just do your best xx

Thx everyone. I know rationally it’s never as bad as we imagine but it’s so hard when ur head is telling u all these bad things

HiddenVolunteer Supporter

Perhaps they realised you under performed in the interview and want to give you a chance at showing them what you can do? This is a huge pat on the back. I can relate to your confidence being knocked after being laid off. It isn't a very nice experience. I am always anxious about going somewhere new particularly a job. It is the fear of the unknown especially of being kept on after the temporary period. Perhaps this is going to be your probationary period? It would be unreasonable of your employers to expect you to know their procedures and the job from the get go. Perhaps some meditating and or slow steady breaths would be beneficial.

sajax in reply to Hidden

Thank you. I start tomorrow and have had horrible fear. My rational side knows it’s the unknown but it feels terrible

HiddenVolunteer Supporter

Unfortunately I'd logged off before you replied. How did your day at work go?

sajax in reply to Hidden

It was hard but I got through. I just find myself still constantly worrying about what they will ask me to do and if I will know how or look bad

It was a lot harder than it use to be starting jobs. I think my state of mind from past stuff happened has really affected me. I’m having hard enough time dealing with adjusting to what’s given to me now and long commute. At same time getting intrusive thoughts about future worries and it makes me immobilized. Like if job becomes permanent my parking will be different and could make commute even longer. So I start the obsessing which leads to irritability and crying. Does this happen to anyone else? I feel insane

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