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A bit of snow and a fox friend in my part of the world!


Hope you all enjoy my pic here. I had an amazing morning and I only wish I felt comfortable enough to post pics of my children too because I have the youngest asleep looking like an angel.

Anyway I am hoping you guys are having an amazing day. My good feelings are fading away as I speak, just happens sometimes, too often... But am focusing on my breathing which helps. Love you so 😘

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Oh my goodness wow!!!! Beautiful!

Im not sure if posting photos of your children on here might be the best thing to do. Just because I know there can be times we get trolls on here x but obviously it’s completely up to you and if you feel comfortable then that’s absolutely fine x I bet they look absolutely adorable! Sweet baby angels 👼

Im sorry your energy is getting low x maybe take this time while they’re having a nap for some self care and love x some me time x kick your feet up x

Thank you for sharing 💕 (sorry I didn’t realise you had written under the photo earlier )

Starrlight in reply to Hope4321

Oh no I would never post my kids on here. I guess I just wish I had more people I can share with as some people here are just as dear to me as ones close to me in uh touchable life ;)

Thanks so much dear Hope! Yes!!! You are right! Self care it will be!

Hope4321 in reply to Starrlight

Is there a way to share photos on pms maybe

Starrlight in reply to Hope4321

I so wish! I don’t think so.

Hello Starrlight :-)

O goodness me I can't believe it you do have snow :-D

Love the pic with the fox in it

I understand you not wanting to put your kids on here as it is not totally private and they are the most precious thing you have in your life so you have to keep them safe :-)

I have noticed you don't seem to lock your posts which is something that will help so maybe you might think about locking them it is up to you of course :-)

Having highs and lows during the day can be normal just go with them and the less importance you give them the less control they will have :-)

Take Care x

Starrlight in reply to lulu-1

Oh yeah I keep forgetting to lock up. Good idea. Thanks for helping us be safe.

Oh Lulu I am trying to go with the ups and downs... it’s spinning me around getting me tangled and I cannot think 🤔 hmmm maybe a walk in snow will clear my head.

How are you my friend?

lulu-1 in reply to Starrlight

Well don't think :-D

It is when I think I get in trouble , maybe a walk will help clear your head a good idea :-)

It is approaching evening meal / tea time here and now going dark , I really don't like these dark nights at all :-(

Hubby going to cook a nice dinner though so that is something to be grateful for as long as he does it without moaning :-/

Me , I am still on red alert with my Health Anxiety even though I keep trying to ignore it :-(

Thank you for asking though :-) x

Starrlight in reply to lulu-1

Ha funny “Well, don’t think.” 😊 So true. Oh Lulu I soooo so feel you about the health anxiety. I wish I knew how to help. I just said a prayer for you that you will get relief from it.

Enjoy your dinner! ❤️

lulu-1 in reply to Starrlight

Thank You , I may not believe as such but those that do if they believe it will help me then it is all good :-)

Just finished dinner now feel bloated but it was very nice :-) x

Starrlight in reply to lulu-1

I believe that I cant know for sure and no one can know for sure how such miraculous things work and when it comes to God no matter what I wish may not be true but I figure it can’t hurt.

lulu-1 in reply to Starrlight

Good way of thinking Starrlight , I see where you are coming from :-)

I am one of these people though that question everything , like well how come there are so many religions and the list goes on but I would like to think there is something and I do hope there is :-)

Hope you have stopped thinking and wonder has the snow eased now ? x

Starrlight in reply to lulu-1

Oh yeah totally; I too question everything. I do hope so too. 😃

The snow has started to taper off into rain.


Amazing pic ! Love it ❤️🌺🌺

Starrlight in reply to Hidden


Foxy Lady 😘

Starrlight in reply to Beevee


Love that photo ! Thanks for sharing. <3


Awesome picture!! Sweet looking fox!! I think snow makes everything outside look beautiful. And it always seems so quiet when its snowing!! I've moved away from snow so I don't get to feel it anymore. I love to see snow pictures!

Thank you for sharing!

I hope your okay and having a great day!

Cool! 😎

Wonderful pic! Were you able to be close to the fox or is that a photographic illusion? May I ask where approximately this was taken? We got to 50 degrees last night and I am now outside sitting at an outdoor table and umbrella for the 1st time since last winter...it's been too hot and humid. Temp is still nice!!! Nature is wonderful, isn't it?

I'm sorry you're going through tough ups and downs. I think having the responsibility and joys of children helped me heal...eventually! But the misery is something I can understand.

So sorry about that. God is so awesome to heal. He's healed me of so much...please don't hesitate to believe...someday you'll be sure if you keep asking him to show you.

God bless the little angels. Sometimes that's the sweetest they look all day, but it's so precious! I have photos of angelic children to remember those moments. JEG speaks highly of you. Thought I'd drop in, and looking for his poem he wants me to read. Have a blessed day!

Hugs, Love, and Blessings...

Starrlight in reply to BonnieSue

I love what you say about children and healing. I feel that!!! Yes I keep asking God for guidance. Blessings to you BonnieSue oh I’m in northern va

BonnieSue in reply to Starrlight

another Virginian, like aaronm. beautiful state!

Starrlight in reply to BonnieSue

Oh how cool😎

Beautiful pic x

Starrlight in reply to BeeBee50

Aww thanks BeeBee!

I am stuck in Worthing hospital but I have a window next to my bed I can just see the sea but I love snow and I am hoping its going to snow here. They moved me to the end of the ward as I was right next to the door and everyone walking past heightened my anxiety and I was having panic attacks but much calm now. Just need some snow to put a smile on my face

Starrlight in reply to Loramay

I pray you will get some snow!!! I’m glad you were switched to a more calm place with a window. Do you want to chat? May I ask what you are in the hospital for? ❤️

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