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Living with Anxiety
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Went back to the gym as my stress levels are high at the moment as im so busy andi think I might have a bit of depression. Doh

Well I had a chat with this new organisation think its called parabull thats not how to spell it and not the point, he asked me a few questions that went on for about and hour I think its a welsh org anyway, he thinks that im doing almost all the correct but thinks I should but feels i should start back on the odd brew and a beer every now and again if i feel like it he thinks i may have over dun it (ok) but, also feels that im a bit depressed hmm ok if you have anxioty and you go to a party you may have a bit of fun right but in the back of your mind you are testing yourself a bit so you have to be honest now when someone at the party say did you have a good time you oh yes thanks but the truth for me is that i spent a whole eve in and out of anxiety so therefore How am i going to enjoy it also when your asked do you enjoy things like i used to nois my reply why because of the anxiety but does that make me depressed? I think he may be right but I do not want to have this on my shoulders as well now I am feeling a bit low grrrrr

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HI Big x Sorry to hear your feeling a bit low x I tend to find this with anxiety we are up n down like yoyos x You are right about the party situation, when we do go out if we can, we are so busy wondering when anxiety is going to rear its ugly head we never let go and enjoy x only pretend we are having a good time to please others x But then we must remember in life we only have to please ourselves to be happy x If you want to have a drink or 2 do so x If it means the party seems bearable that way why not xx Sorry i may be rambling as i dont know the whole story behind your situation xx Hope you feel better soon x Donver x


Thanks for the reply it's good to share even better when you realise your not o. Your own thanks


Hi Stu

I think the best thing is to speak to your GP , they are the only ones in my opinion that can say if you are suffering from depression

I dont suffer from depression , I get fed up & down because of how anxiety feels sometimes but I am also happy & can enjoy things as well

I see depression as when no matter what someone cannot get out of that low feeling they feel , but thats just my opinion

One thing I do agree with is the odd beer wont harm you & as they say everything in moderation is fine :-)

Hope you have had a good day :-)





Thanks whywhy I was talking to my friends today and they think I'm fine there was a point where I thought he may have been right but that did not last long I have that day off planned as you said !! I need to have that time out from the drama school,

Some of my fears that I will put on Weight again and that returning to the old me and then I will end up with the sheer terror that I had last year, a new word I had not thought of until that chap said it to me today he hit the nail on the head there.

I don't think I will breakdown again I've put so much in place to prevent it ( I blooming well hope so )

Anyway how are you hope your feeling ok and thanks whywhy are you going over to the other site are you going to see will I am then x


Hi Stu

I can understand after all your hard work about the fear of gaining weight again , but like I said everything as long as in moderation I dont believe hurts us & it can make us pretty miserable if we never have any treats !

Of course it will me me & Will-i-am returning its in the contract :-D

Good for you taking the day of again !



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