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I would like to make a statement before I exit this so called support group forum for good. I know many of you won't care what happens to me after this or whatever, but I have something to say first in hopes in makes people consider others thoughts first and in the future treat this as a support group and not social media. I'm struggling so bad and sought advice for an ongoing issue that i even said for those that have similar feelings to respond. I was met by a person on here that felt it necessary to reply to criticize my grammar and punctuation, to initially state they didnt quiet understand what I was asking, but then followed up by saying they believed this wasnt the appropriate forum for what I was seeking. First of all, if you didnt have similar feelings, why reply at all? You made me feel worse by your disparaging remarks. So people please in the future if you do not have support to offer save your opinions that are not pertinent to the topic for Facebook or Twitter. What's really sad is, I was enjoying this forum, found it helpful and therapeutic. But unfortunately people like myself have poor esteem and fragile emotional stability, so that should be considered before you speak.I wish everyone well and goodbye from this sight.

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Hello DJB74

Sometimes when we post it can be difficult to totally understand what people are asking and it is nothing to do with grammar or anything like that it is just simply we don't always quite understand so usually I will either personally ask if I am right in how I have read something as reading something can come across totally different to when we are actually speaking to someone in person as I am sure you will agree :-) so hopefully I can do a reply that might help

We are very sensitive people and we can take things to heart , however when we post we are opening ourselves up because we are asking for opinions and sometimes replies will not always be what we want to hear which unless someone is been totally disrespectful to another member ( which would not be tolerated ) then this is something we can not always avoid getting an answer we don't want to hear but what I say is take the replies that do help and ignore the one's that don't

However if any member is upset by a post or reply as an Admin on this site I would suggest rather than come on and do a post to use the facilities we have and press report under what has offended you or message the Admin and have a private chat , hopefully it could be sorted in private as again because we are sensitive , posts as such can either have potential to start a debate that can get out of hand or just put others of which I know you will again understand :-)

It would be a shame for you to miss out on getting support from the Community but I respect your wishes if one reply has made you feel you no longer want to be a part of this Community

If at any time you change your mind we will always be here and I wish you all the best on your road to recovery :-)

Take Care x


Hi DJB74.

So Sorry to hear about how you feel..😞

Lulu makes some good points and not much for me to add,

Except to say, I have experienced some good support here, I guess nothing is ever perfect and we all can say something not quite fitting to the circumstances..without knowing..

Human beings are unpredictable I guess and some have different ways of expressing themselves than others..

Stay around a bit longer I think you may find it’s ok here...

I really feel for you that you felt how you did...

Sending good vibes your way


HiddenVolunteer Supporter

Oh that is such a shame. And of course we care about what happens to you.Why not stick around and give us another go.

But whatever you decide I wish you well 🏵

I am so sorry that happened to you but i wish u would stay and not be driven away by that person lack of sense we are all a family here and would appreciate you staying.

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