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Living with Anxiety
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My fear, any help pls?

Whats my fear? Well im 21 years old, ve been suffering from anxiety for these past 3 months (had anxiety before but it went away) I am not on any SSRIS , since I believe I can overcome this naturally . Lately iv been having low moods and I get anxious and I start believing that I might have depression or beginning of depression. All day im thinking “what if I have depression and I end up suicidal?” And my anxiety starts exploding over the roof. I love life and I really wish I can live life to the fullest so I really dont wish to get suicidal. My mind keeps telling me Depression=sucidal so I get anxious more :( . I know my mind keeps playing tricks on me and I really wish to stop these negative thoughts :( any help pls?

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Hello :-)

I have read your post and I could see the anxiety is trying to keep a hold on you by feeding these " What if's"

What if you don't have depression and are just feeling low due to struggling with your anxiety

I can also assure you that depression does not equal suicide , have you looked at the thousands of members that are on the depression sites on Health Unlocked and they are trying to get well , if depression = suicide there would be no members on those Communities , that is your anxiety trying to play tricks on you

If you do feel depressed though and you do have suicidal thoughts then to put your mind at ease as sometimes anxiety and depression can go hand in hand I would go and see you Doctor , they can talk with you and they know the questions to ask to diagnose if there is depression there as well as anxiety

I totally understand that you do not want to take meds but sometimes if nothing else is working even just for a short while they can help in giving you that rest we need from anxiety while we get ourselves together again so bear that in mind if you ever feel you are not coping at all and if you have already or if you haven't Counselling could possibly help and again your Doctor would have to refer you for that

The thoughts you are getting , I have had them many times over the years and for me I always think that while they frighten me that I am getting them is a good thing because obviously it is not what I want , I would fear more if I was getting the thoughts and it did not affect me that I was

Hope others will reply and give you some suggestions and if you ever want a chat you know where we are :-)

Take Care x

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