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Living with Anxiety
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Advice to get through this

Ive dealt with Anxiety my whole life and frankly, im tired of it. Its hard. Recently ive been dating a guy for 4 months and know him for 5. I wasn't needing my medicine at all till about a month ago. Now, i cant even think about hanging out with him without feeling sick. the other day i made myself throw up (not on purpose). Maybe i turn good anxious into bad, idk, but i really want to know what's bothering me. I cry day and night for the past 3 days and i cant think of what is triggering it. Any advice on how to find out or push through the feeling and not make myself sick? I've tried almost everything that usually works for me but it doesn't help. I don't understand. Also any ideas to help make him understand how im feeling during times like this? i keep backing out of hanging out with him. He tries, but maybe im just bad at explaining.

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Hello :-)

I think when we have anxiety it has one particular thing it will play on us the most , some self harm or some have extreme ocd or some make themselves sick like you it can be in a strange way how we feel we are in control even though the things we do are not healthy in so many ways and if something is stressful or we feel we are not dealing with something whatever vise we have comes into play

Do you like this guy ?

If so then is it more due to you anxiety and maybe low self esteem you feel you are not worthy of been loved maybe ?

If you do like him then one way you could maybe try and explain is either by writing it down in a letter for him to read or via email

Start it like you are writing your feelings and how you are struggling as if you were writing a dairy and pour your heart out and then ask him if he would read it as you want to explain but find it hard to and you feel this might help

Tell him hat once he has read it you hope it will help him to understand and not to be afraid to ask you any questions about how you suffer because that is why

you have done this so he can get to know how everyday life affects you

You also sound a little depressed maybe it is the pressure you feel under , do you feel you are ready at this moment to have a relationship ?

I would speak with your Doctor and maybe look at medication and therapy again to help you as I know we can try it before and think that it should have worked but sometimes it can take several attempts before it does :-)

Take Care x


Morning Mosley,

I wish this wasn’t happening to you at all. Try not to let this “hot mess” (disorder) take your joy. It’s hard and frustrating,but you can fight through this. If it makes you feel better most professional athletes gives offerings to the “ porcelain goddess” before games. Does your boyfriend know about your disorder? If not you might want to tell him. Don’t be ashamed of the disorder. Embrace it and own it.

Maybe your nervous, because your really into this guy and don’t want to screw it up? In any relationship a person has to take the good with the bad of a person if they want this relationship to last long. Put in your mind that you will have a good time. Try to balance it out. You go out and hang out with him and then you have him come to you for girlfriend/ boyfriend quality time. Don’t be hard on yourself. Try to have a good sense humor dealing with this hot mess. Laugh at least 10 times a day. Get a hug from somebody you love or respect once a day. Smile atleast 5 times a day. Also try to give out a silent fart walking down the hallway once day.😉 Remember to have fun in your day twice a day. Always and I mean always love yourself and respect yourself. You are worth it.

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