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Living with Anxiety
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Side effects?

Does anyone get a tingly head or have an "empty" feeling? Or feel like they can't see properly?? Honestly starting to feel like I'm losing my mind!! Also have managed to convince myself I have an underactive thyroid , aswell as a b****y brain tumour! I just want to feel normal again!!! Don't know how much more I can take, I've tried the whole giving in to the anxiety rather than trying to fight it and it just makes things worse, I have a fear of taking any pills ect now as had a bad experience from ecstasy tablets in April. (Very stupid I know) so any medication I take I just start to panic. Any advice would be great :(

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Hello :-)

You are not loosing your mind honestly even though I know it can feel like it when your anxiety is so high and yes the empty feeling and the feeling that you cannot see that things look different when you are looking at them are very common symptoms with anxiety and the eye sight thing I used to get really bad and the more I was focused on things not looking as the should the worse it got only when I accepted it was anxiety then it started to improve

Taking medication for lots causes fear but what you have to remember is whatever your Doctor prescribe would not be ecstasy , it would be a drug that thousands of people take and it would be monitored how you were doing on it by your Doctor :-)

Ask yourself if you had a life threatening illness that they said you need to take this or that will be it if you don't would you let your fear get in the way and say no if it would save your life ?

This is no different you are struggling and it does not have to be forever but for a while medication could give you that relief you need to be able to deal with your anxiety it could be your life saver :-)

There is also therapy you could ask to be referred for

Please think about it and go and see your Doctor , with the right help you don't have to feel this dreadful desperation that you are feeling at the moment

Let us know how you get on and what you decide to do :-)

Take Care x


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