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Living with Anxiety
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Christmas party crisis

Help I am already panicking about my work Christmas party. Just typing this I my heart is racing and my joints are aching. I've been feeling good for the last few months, meds and diet working well, so why have I woken up at 2am thinking about the Xmas party for the last week.

Colleagues really understanding (those who know) and tell me not to get stressed and don't worry about not going, BUT I feel I should push myself to go. Worry about felling week, light headed and sick whilst I'm there.......

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Well lets get some more information to light so we can better help ya :)

1. Where is this party?

2. What about it maks you worry or anxious?

3. Do you fear being judged about having an anxiety attack?

4. What are your triggers?

5. We often have anxiety at all the worse times in our lives night terrors are the worse you wake up in impending doom type feelings

6. Do you have any good friends at these events? Best thing to do is goto the restroom if you feel an attack coming on and ask a friend via text to come and nkt say a word


1. Restaurant

2. Not been out socially for ages. Panic attack/symptoms shaking, weakness

3. Yes

4. The unknown

5. Haven't had night terrors for a while 6-12 months

6. Yes who is aware how I'm feeling

I know I could easily just not go but fear becoming worse in these situations if i dont force myself but then i will have 4 weeks of these feelings


We must get comfortable with the uncomfortable its so easy to say but i struggle with taking this advice myself but if we dont the fear will take over as it has for me /: before this event throw yourself out in a controlled environemnt maybe trial run the restruant? Unless its your jobs restruant.. but make it a comfort zone before christmas you have 4 months take all the days before the event and just practice driving or getting in these environments

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You have already had some great suggestions and advise :-)

First though tell yourself it is another 7 weeks maybe to the party ?

Then tell yourself that when it gets to it you are in control of if you go or you don't because you are :-)

This is one of those things you don't have to do unless you want to

I say this because sometimes when I am really fearing something that I know I have a choice if I do it or not then feeling I have control helps me and then I end up going and enjoying it :-)

So when your mind is full of fear and you wake up with the thoughts tell yourself I don't have to let this bother me right now because it is not happening and when it does I will do what I feel I can cope with the best and as long as whatever that is is right for me then that is all that matters

I am glad you have friends that seem supportive , maybe you can together come up with a plan how to help you get through the party

The other thing is if you did decide to go remembering that it is your call if you do and if you did find you were not enjoying it then you could call on the headache excuse and leave , no one would take much notice because they would be to busy enjoying the party :-)

You could always post knowing that someone will be about on here and we could virtually come to the party with you so you would have our support to :-)

But for now tell yourself when the time comes for the party you will do what is right for you , not others or not because what they will think ( because as long as people are doing what makes them happy they don't think , that is our anxiety telling us that )

Let us know how you get on :-)

Take Care x

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