Weather and anxiety x

Oh i have just looked at my phone and it seems we in the north may have some snow next week x I hate the weather sometimes it makes my anxiety so unpredictable x For example frost is a no x i get over anxious thinking i may fall outside and people will laugh at me x daft is,nt it x where as snow I love looking at it so pure and clean x but to cold and it makes me worry that if i need to be somewhere i will get stuck etc x Anyone else like this ?? x

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  • yea me :) lol



  • Lol hi Bonnie glad im not alone x Im gonna start panicking now ready for the snow :) xx

  • I saw that we have nasty weather next week as well, a lot of minus 3 don't no about the snow though, not seen that yet :)



  • Im way up north Bonnie x geordie land lol x w always get struck first x:)

  • I will not be attempting any walks if it snows here , knowing my luck, I will end up on my backside :o



  • Hope it doesn't snow, I've got a couple of weekends away planned although it did feel cold today

    Jules x

  • Yes I have heard we could be in for some bad weather

    I no you get it worse where you are Donna

    Whenever I hear its going to snow , I get the biggest fear & start getting loads of food in , panicking we wont get out or the shops will sell out , once I get my cupboards full I am OK & dont worry then , but up till that moment I get in a right flap at the mention of snow !




  • Yep, Donna, someone told me that too!!!! Just something else to look forward to.

    Actually I quite like the snow as long as "Anxiety Mind" doesn't start throwing up all sorts of accident and incident scenarios and as long as I don't have to walk into work.

    Hope you're doing ok.


  • Don't mention snow Donna, at least not tomorrow I hope. It's my big date with the gorgeous Kelly & I couldn't miss that!

    Glad I've found you all, thanks for the message.

    Especially good to see you again :p


  • Great to see you :-D

    Is there any chance you could keep sociable hours though :-p

    I have heard Kelly likes to so if you want to stand a chance you best learn how to as well ;-)

    You are beating me to it , I have 2 weeks on Wednesday to wait :-/

    I hope you have a lovely time as you deserve it

    Try not to dribble , its not a good look & make sure your whites are white if you feel you may have the urge to throw them on the stage :-D

    Really am going to bed now :-D

    Dont forget to come on & tell all when you have been & any pics are most welcome :-)


    Mrs why-i-am


  • o I have popped on, had son then felt very bad, have done message to ya all, with my sorry , for my behaviour on the troll site .



  • I'm even further north!! Hate the snow to be honest, pain trying to get to work xx

  • Not sure what IS HAVE DONE GUYS,BUT I followed the link on Donvers post and here I am.

    Hope I am welcome.

    Never did post too much 'cos not enough hours in my day(ha ha ) but always logging on to read what everyone up to and how getting on,throwing in the odd quip when I felt I could help.

    Anyways here I am.

    Lovely to see you all again. Xx

  • P.S. Thanks for including me in group conversation.(whoever responsible for that)


  • Twas me babyhippo :-D

    Glad you have found us :-)

    I am like a broken record but it may be slow on here for a while but peaceful , which is something , especially when we have anxiety !

    If when & if we can we pop on & answer anyone that needs one , hopefully it will get busy , we can only try

    Great to see you made it :-)




  • That's very hospitable of you whywhy.

    Put kettle on,Chuck. I've just made a fruitcake that willgo just nicely with that cuppa.


  • Its boiling away , hurry up , sounds lovely :-D


  • If only.

    It would be lovely to disappear for a ouple of hours and meet new aquaintances-Alas,I am doin' next best thing-sitting herewith mug of decaffruitcake all to myself whilst texting you.

    I did offer. :-) xx

  • I no the thought was there & it was very much appreciated :-/

    You enjoy it :-)


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