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Meds experience

Can anyone tell me their experience with Lexapro or desvenlafaxine? When you start taking it, what are the symptoms. I know that you have to take it for quite a while before it becomes therapeutic, but how do you get through the jitters and other side effects before it finally kicks in and how long if anyone has been on Lexapro or the other or any of the others, did you have hardly no side affects, a lot of side affects. I was just recently prescribed Lexapro 1/2 taken for 7 days and then a full 10 mg taken for the rest of the time. I am so scared to try a new medicine as I've been on Mirtapazine - when I started on Mirtapazine, almost 20 years ago, the affects were almost immediate, I am talking about two days. No side effects, except I was hungry all the time, no jitters, no trembling, nothing, but I believe it is no longer working thus the reason she is having me try Lexapro. I think I am just very very sensitive to any of these SSRI's or SNRI's as I do not see many comments on any website about when you start taking them..

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Hello :-)

I have not taken any of the meds you mention but can relate to been sensitive to meds

I think with all this kind of medication the chances are to start with there will be some side effects which is not nice but if we can ride through them the benefits could be well worth it :-)

We are all different and some may get no side effects , others may feel they get them all but I would say things should be working and settling down after about 3 months of taking them as they do take a while to work

If the side effects though get to much then I would tell my Doctor and see what they have to say

Hope others that have taken these meds will share their experiences with you :-)

Let us know how you get on :-) x


Lexapro dosage varies from 05 upwards. This would possibly affect your reaction to side effects. Begin with a low dose and build up to theraputic dose

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