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Living with Anxiety
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"Meds Free" Alternatives?

Hey everyone,

i'm new here, and i'd love to get your insight on any programs or treatments that don't involve taking meds, to deal with generalized anxiety and panic attacks.

i've been dealing with anxiety and major panic attacks for 7-8 years now and i'm tired of the pharmaceutical route, i feel like even if meds help on the spot, it never seem to ease anything on the long run, and i hate the side effects, so i'm on a journey to a "Meds free" solution, any suggestions? and i'd love to share my experience about everything i'm trying, if anyone is interested :)


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Hello & Welcome :-)

I can totally understand meds are not the way for everyone mainly due to some not been able to tolerate any side effects they may experience even though these usually subside and then people go on to say what a life saver they are for them but yes for those that do not find this there are alternatives and I think members would really benefit if you would share what you have been doing to help yourself in alternative ways and look forward to reading your experience , by sharing our experience even if it only helps one other then it is worth it :-)

Just to add another thought if we could yourself included get members to add what they have done rather than take meds I could pin the post and have a meds free post pinned to the side with all the suggestions to keep them in one place which I think would not be a bad idea as so many would rather try med free alternatives so I hope people will add them on your post what they have tried and what has worked :-)

Take Care x


Thank you i really appreciate this, hopefully it will help someone, even though some ppl can’t be totally meds free due to the specificity and the degree of their condition, adding an alternative solution might help reduce the dependence to anxiolytics on the long run, ican’t let the meds rule my life anymore , i’ll keep you guys updated on what i’m doing :)

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Hi Sab,

I am also new here... just joined today. I had to go off meds due to insurance. I have been using two essential oils, one is lavender and the other is serenity. I put them behind my ears, on the bottoms of my feet and then also rub them in my hands and inhale deeply. I have also traded in soda for chamomile tea. I was recently reading an article on lavender supplements but have not tried them yet. I have also been trying to regulate my sleep. I have noticed when the amount of sleep I get differs greatly, or if I don’t get enough sleep I am much more likely to experience strong anxiety. Would love to hear about things you have tried!

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omg yes! the lack of sleep leads me often to the strongest panic attacks too, at the moment i'm trying acupressure points, i'm about to post links to 2 videos i found on youtube that explain the 2 methods that worked best for me so far :) , i feel like a visual explanation is easier to follow than a long descriptive post.

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I will definitely check out the videos. Thank you!

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