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Internal Shaking or Vibration when Waking


Hi, I have had this issue for over six months, When I wake at around 4 or 5am each morning I feel my body shaking inside. Once I open my eyes and focus it vanishes in 5-10 seconds. I then fall asleep and the next time I wake it does the same. Sometimes this can be 1 minute later and sometimes and hour or two. At its worts it can repeat 10 times before I actually get out of bed. I don't take any medication, don't drink, smoke or have caffeine. My GP suggests that it is adrenaline waking me up as because it stops as soon as I open my eyes. If I wake but keep my eyes closed it continues. I don't have any other symptoms. Before this started I was diagnosed with Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV) and had a couple of weeks with serious vertigo until I used the Epley manoveure. I have suffered from anxiety and panic attacks around the time it started but would consider myself 95% sorted in that respect. I am yet to read on any forum that it is linked to anything serious but at the same time it seems a common thread is that it affects people with some form of anxiety.

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I have this to the T.

I was told it was anxiety. I was put on Zoloft 100mg :( I still feel it when I wake up. It does make me wonder if it is brain related. The trembling is more in the chest sometimes in my hands but when I asked someone near me if they can see me trembling they said no and that its just your nerves. Do you get night terrors?

Is it cold where you sleep?

I've noticed the last couple of times it was a bit chilly, maybe something we should consider?

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Never had night terrors - Mine happens repeatedly in the early morning. I wake, shake a bit drop back to sleep and wake and shake a bit. There is something going on but I have also discovered that when you have something like this you tend to be come quite hypervigilant and look for symptoms. I sometimes you lay there wondering if I can feel something and then realise its my pulse. With practice you can start to feel your pulse in multiple places simultaneously which then feels like an all over tremor. My guess is that it has its origins in anxiety - and that's something you just have to work at. If it's any help I used a book by Rob Kelly called THRIVE and found it very useful.

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Hidden: Yes the vibrations when it's chilly, but then there is some overlapping shivering.

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Hello & Welcome mike-strachan :-)

Just noticed your reply and wanted to say hello as this post was written 4 years ago , not sure if the members on the post log on anymore but did not want you to think no one would reply so thought I would say a quick Hello and look forward to getting to know you more :-) x

Yeah I get this sometimes but am quite bad with nerves it's horrible feeling

I've been researching this for a while. Both my brother in law and myself have this. He gets it when he's going to sleep. I get it only when I'm waking up. It's interesting to me that it happens to people in a altered state of consciousness. We both suffer from depression and some anxiety. I'm wondering how many other people also have depression or anxiety and if it's related.

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I seem to have it too- wake up at 4am or 5 and feel vibrations inside entire body and can’t go back to sleep until it stops. I thought it could be related to having to wake up for my twins at 4am feeding for awhile and having that anxiety that I would oversleep. I also have slight anxiety problems in general. It’s horrible though and it dirupts my sleep patterns because then I have to stay up for my toddlers.

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I started getting this when I was a little bit sleep deprived and as I was dozing off even if I was taking a nap I would start to shimmy and shake a little bit inside and it would keep waking me up and now it’s happening in the morning between four and five when I wake up I get the shimmer shakes inside it’s the strangest feeling it lasts only maybe 10 seconds or so to wake me up once I started catching up on my sleep I thought it would go away but it’s still there in the morning mostly. The most annoying thing in the world. I have anxiety and depression and I am guessing they say that when you are in a hyper state of anxiety or deep depression for a long time your body goes into a hyperstate which can cause this. Idk. It is what it is what’s the doctor going to give me medication no thank you I’m just trying to stay relaxed as much as possible I have a mother who is in her passing stages right now and I do tear up and cry quite a bit. It’s good to see you go there other people that have this problem because I thought that I was the only one. Sometimes I think is it hypoglycemia and I’ll get up and have something to eat but I don’t think that’s what it is. Signed over all this anxiety bullshit

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Hi. So I think all of us have more or less similar symptoms. I have had my first bout when in 2009. Ran pillar to post and it took 2 years to resolve. Symptoms were different back then. Right now it's been 8 months

1) started with lower back pain

2) loss of appetite. Lots of bloating.

3) eventually I got more stressed and I could feel palpitations on the left side while sleeping, running till neck and back of the head.

4)2009 also I had lost the tendency to sneeze and this time around also this happened. However, I am very very Llergic to cold and cough.

5) I started getting brain zaps

6) Elevated high BP

7) Numbness and tingling and now burning sensation on the feet and legs.

8) Had low Vit D and B12 which is now upto mark. Vit D is 101 and B12 570.

9) I keep getting this sudden gastro issues.

10) also this rhythmic shaking while I am trying to sleep or all of a sudden in the morning around 5-6AM.

11) Got vertigo and tinnitus 2 weeks back.

12) Have had some really traumatic, busy and stressful events few months prior to this. And also in life generally from time to time.

Ran pillar to post have seen3 neuros, 3 orthos, 3 physicians, as many gastros, Ent, physios and host of MRIs, blood tests, echo, TMT and all the tests. I have lost close to 6 lbs and lots of muscle mass. I feel weak and have been somehow managing to stay and fight.

Now here are positives,

1) I do feel better from time to time

2) Nothing major has come out of tests.

3) The internal tremors subsided quite a bit when I started taking Ashwagandha ( Its an adaptive. Take 1 capsule by himalaya before sleeping. It's a herbal adaptogen)

4) Also magnesium supplement with D3 helped I suppose.

5) My ability to sneeze is back.

I am still struggling with digestive issues especially bloating and dizziness as well.


I am highly energetic however I dont know when to say NO. Also last 20 years O have taken a lot of shit in life for family and have had some really toxic friends and relationships. I believe all of it started taking a toll along with poor lifestyle and sleeping habits.

Cortisol is fight and flight hormone. If you are hyper vigilant, always working, pushing yourself too hard and wasting away yourself. Your entire system collapses. Cortisol also checks I inflammation and infection and if we run out of cortisol, histamine( allergy hormone) takes over and our body stays in a state of shock. Cortisol and other stress hormones are body's coping mechanism. They are like a savings bank account and if you spend all of it, you need time to replenish it.

1) Stay happy

2) Cut toxic relations.

3) Dont live in past, move on. Nobody is chasing you.

4) eat smaller more frequent meals.

5) sleep on time.

6) Dont go high on alcohol.

7) Except for easy walks, dont exert.

8) Remeber and recall good memories.

9) Practice deep breathing, alternate nostril breathing which is called as Pranayam- Anulom Vilom.

10) live in the day. Find reasons to laugh and smile.

11) Avoid stimulants and even sex or masturbation if you feel weak.

These are few points. There can be more points. Let's fight it out and help each other with anything positive we come across.

All the best friends. Remember it's going to take time but we will prevail.

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Hi! Omg you seem to have gone through a lot..hope you are able to cope better now. Thanks a lot for sharing some info on how to deal with this issue.

Mine started a week ago when I suddenly woke up around 4 am feeling vibrations in my head. Was kind of shocked then went back to sleep, then it happened again. From then almost every night and even in the day i have been feeling them. Have become super vigilant and the mind is always on high alert looking for symptoms. Went to a GP, he just looked at me and said that he had never heard of something like internal vibrations.

Told me to relax and observe for sometime before going to a neurologistI too, like many here, have been dealing with health anxiety and stress for quite some time, brought on by frequent heart skips and palpitations and some gastric and family issues. Lost a parent around this time last year. My vitals are normal and no major diagnosed health issues. I am an extremely health conscious person, eat well (vegetarian). Sleep is mostly ok but sometimes greatly interrupted by anxiety. Currently, i am very worried that I may have a serious issue like a movement disorder or something. Trying to relax as much as possible. Hope I can deal with this through my own efforts and family support without having to rely on anti-anxiety or ADs.

It is encouraging to read posts here and it seems like anxiety is the main villain. Hope to get relief soon to all of us who are going through this.

Dj1006 in reply to Kitjay06

Hi Kitjay,

Just do things that I am doing. I believe it will help. Just go through what I have written and you should be ok in no time. Cut out on refined food and cholesterol.


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Did they ever seem to think MS or ALS

avamaria14 in reply to Dj1006

your story is incredible! I can deeply relate to this too. I am 17 almost 18 and my health took a serious decline last year. All through my first 3 years of high-school I struggled terribly with cystic acne. my entire self esteem was underground, I didn’t want to show my face, and I would pile makeup on. I went to the derm and was prescribed Epiduo Forte, 50 mg of minocyclin (antibiotic) then 50mg of Spironolactone (the medicine that saved my skin, but ruined my health) My skin cleared up beautiful within 2 months of taking these. I was taken off the antibiotic and kept on the topical and the Spironolactone, but was bumped up to 100 mg. As soon as I started to taking 100 mg I felt disgusting. The first incident was constant nausea and dizziness, then came the raging anxiety.. I had a swallowing tick that had me swallowing over 1 million times a day. I became so anxious I passed out on my 17th birthday in the middle of a restaurant. I was freaking out completely convinced I was psychotic. I stopped taking the medicine and the swallowing stopped but I still felt nauseous, sick and constantly dizzy all the time even when on 50 mg of Spironolactone. At this time I completely stopped taking it, and have not put it near my body again. I believe Spironolactone was very high doses of Vitamin B or K. After I stopped taking it, I started my senior year of HS. Within the first week I was in the hospital. I had excruciating stabbing pain in my lower right side, my parents and I assumed it was appendicitis. I was quickly given an ultrasound and what the found was a significantly large ovarian cyst, most likely cause by the Spironolactone. I have yet to menstruate since having my cyst. Weeks go by and it’s around October and I started feeling my heart constantly race. I felt my body throbbing when sitting there, my BP was very high and I felt soooo dizzy. I went to my GP and she told me it’s all anxiety but she still sent me to a cardiologist for more testing and a EKG. I did two EKG, coming out perfectly and here’s where my diagnosis came in. She told me it was very controversial but it’s incredibly common in kids my age, especially after going through medical trauma or periods of anxiety. She told me my fight or flight response was knocked off and was working it’s self oppositely. She recommended small salty meals, lots and lots of water, better sleeping, and LAY OFF STRESS. At this point I had been dealing with so much college stuff and applying to places and waiting to hear back so it really was at its peak. My heart rate has slowly lowered and i’ve been working out more to make myself feel more confident. But recently I have been in two significant car accidents and I have terrible PTSD and driving anxiety from it and I often wake up with these crazy hand tremors, really freaking me out. but now reading this I realize that anxiety is still my biggest battle and I just need to get over the hump and realize i’m going to be an adult soon and everyone makes mistakes there’s no reason to be so anxious all the time. thanks for sharing and helping me realize i’m not alone!

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Exact same thing I’m going through...did you ever figure it out?

Dj1006 in reply to Tractorken

Hahaha..its now really funny. Almost 4 days back it restarted however, I am not much concerned now. Tell me some thing, and there we might have an answer. Do you use your phone excessively? Do you use your phone before sleeping at night with an ear piece? Do you have any allergies?

Miteshaashish in reply to Dj1006

You cure now completely with all that symptoms?cause i m dealing with all this right now...Thanks

Dj1006 in reply to Miteshaashish

Hahaha..its now really funny. Almost 4 days back it restarted however, I am not much concerned now. Tell me some thing, and there we might have an answer. Do you use your phone excessively? Do you use your phone before sleeping at night with an ear piece? Do you have any allergies?

Aaron08 in reply to Dj1006

Thank you for sharing I’ve been dealing with this since 2015. I could cry right now because no one really sympathizes with me because they think I’m eccentric or crazy.

Dj1006 in reply to Aaron08

Hahaha..its now really funny. Almost 4 days back it restarted however, I am not much concerned now. Tell me some thing, and there we might have an answer. Do you use your phone excessively? Do you use your phone before sleeping at night with an ear piece? Do you have any allergies?

jh_lg in reply to Dj1006

Your symptoms are almost the same as mine. It just started 3 weeks ago. Only difference is i'm having pain around my ribcage. The vibrations on my chest would wake me up at 4-5am. And will go away once I change positions. Did you also feel some twitching on your muscles?

Dj1006 in reply to jh_lg

I am definitely 80 % better. Hoping to have it all under control. Stay happy and not jittery. Give yourself time and take care of your digestion. Small meals upto5 times a day. Eat and sleep at the same time every day. Try Himalayas Ashwangandha, half an hour before you sleep. Take care of vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 with magnesium.

Dj1006 in reply to jh_lg

You would be ok very soon. Yes had lots of muscle twitching. Look at your sitting posture. Leave any addictions you might have.I am definitely 80 % better. Hoping to have it all under control. Stay happy and not jittery. Give yourself time and take care of your digestion. Small meals upto5 times a day. Eat and sleep at the same time every day. Try Himalayas Ashwangandha, half an hour before you sleep. Take care of vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 with magnesium

Dj1006 in reply to jh_lg

Hahaha..its now really funny. Almost 4 days back it restarted however, I am not much concerned now. Tell me some thing, and there we might have an answer. Do you use your phone excessively? Do you use your phone before sleeping at night with an ear piece? Do you have any allergies?

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Hi DJ1006 I don’t know if you are still on here as it’s been a fair few months. You have literally just described step by step what I’ve been going through. Have you had any more of a diagnosis?

KimmyFromNy in reply to Jersey08

I know this is an old post but this started with me about two months after having my daughter. I typically have some mild anxiety but post partum have had some pretty severe health anxiety at times. Did you find a resolution with this? I’m wondering if it could also be caused from nerves, lack of sleep, hormonal changes/breastfeeding.

Kmomwoke in reply to rhondacleo

I have this exact same issue. I noticed it when I was pregnant with my last child 3 years ago. I would wake up from a nap, sleeping (day or night) and my entire body would be vibrating. I brought it up to my GP and gynecologist because I was worried it was the baby shaking or something along those lines. They said that the baby was fine and I described the feeling to them so they told me to use a doppler to listen to the baby when this happens again. There was no change in heart rate or movement in the baby and i could still feel my entire body vibrating, it wasnt my heart and it wasnt any specific body part but just an all over internal vibrating. I have been trying to research this over the past 3 years now (it has continued after having my daughter and I still get it very often when waking up) and I still haven't found a straight answer but I DO have anxiety and have been diagnosed with anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD since 2013 and this vibrating began (or I noticed it) in 2016.

Go see a neurologist, have them run your bloodwork for vitamin deficiencies if you have not already, and ask about Restless Leg Syndrome. Not kidding.

It can cause all kinds of symptoms, not just in the legs (full body, including the internal vibrations). It is more prevalent among women and during pregnancy. Best of luck!

I have exactly the same symptoms. But sometimes as I feel the vibrations, I feel another form of shaking at a lower frequency at the same time.

I continue with my morning routine as usual, but I am troubled about what it might be.

Mike I've had a humming in both ears for three months and last two mornings I'm waking up with a vibrating neck, which goes away as soon as I get up.. Doctor thinks the humming is drug related from taking Terbinafine for fungal skin infection.. ( I also take omeprazole and have slightly elevated blood pressure - I'll find out this week if I need to take medication for that... and I'll report back if it changes anything.) I wondered if I could hear my blood pumping too oddly enough, although I have to admit the seed was planted by reading about the humming. If you find a solution let me know... cheers

For me this all started several years ago, but in a different form. I was hearing a sustained two second hum, then a break, then the hum an so on. It only happened in complete silence. I thought - weirdly - that I was listening to my own blood circulation.

Hi Mike,

Wondering if you had explored further your condition? I also suffer from vibrations and humming. Your post was very interesting.

This is not anxiety. It is a natural process that human bodies experience as our consciousness shifts into different states during sleep. You notice the vibrations as you shift back into the waking state and the vibrations come over a bit from your sleep state. The vibrations are increasing for a lot of people right now as our energy increases and expands with a shift that is occurring on Earth and in our solar system right now. Many of us experience this regularly through meditation and spiritual practices but it is increasing in many people now because of energy shifts that are going on on the planet. If you are truly interested in knowing more about this and why it is happening to so many people look up energy shift of Earth.

I completely agree- this is a very POSITIVE thing that is happening and does not have anything to do whatsoever with stress or illness. It is part of ascension; bringing you to a higher vibration. Enjoy this feeling in your body - when you let go of the fear, it becomes a fantastic feeling that will allow for further growth. I have had this on and off now for the last year or so and I actually look forward to it; I even go to bed early just to see if it will happen! :) I internal-tremble the most upon waking (even if in the middle of the night) and now even see geometric patterns and colors. Embrace this, it is truly spiritual.

WOW!!! I was researching this thread just this morning as I am having the same exact experience.. It’s only been a few months and seems to be happening more and more.. I feel intense internal vibrations all over at the exact moment I wake, and sometimes in the middle of the night which startles me awake.. I never would have thought it was spiritual and actually thought I was having a heart attack the first time I experienced it because it is super intense in my chest area so I was quite alarmed in the beginning, but now when it happens I check my pulse which always remains slow and steady.. I was trying to figure this out by searching the net and found this thread and was quite relieved when I saw Bunvibrations post and started to dig deeper into this energy info.. Makes 100% sense now because I have been on a spiritual journey for a year or so and have recently been certified in Reiki, doing daily meditations and literally reading tons of books on energy healing and personal growth.. I honestly believed I had heart or health issues until I saw this post!! I too have been seeing geometric patterns and colors for months and just thought it was my eyes waking up but they are so vivid and don’t disappear right away..your post really resonated with me and I have such a sense of relief right now so I wanted to say Thank You for sharing your story!! I know I was divinely guided to see this. ❤️

I've seen geometric shapes too on occasion. Have you found anything out medically for all of this? Do these still happen?

Hello Overstress! Yes I am still experiencing seeing geometric patterns upon awakening, and have noticed it’s only following a very vivid dream state, and they only appear for about 10-15 seconds upon awakening.. I have not been able to get any feedback or suggestions on what may be causing this from any medical professionals unfortunately.. It is my assumption based on my experience that this may be a visual effect resulting from being in an altered state of consciousness or Hypnopompic state, and transitioning back to reality/consciousness.. I do meditate a lot, and also occasionally listen to Binaural Beats while falling asleep which shifts my brain into a low frequency Theta brainwave state. I am not sure if any of these practices have anything to do with seeing the geometric patterns since it does not actively happen during either of these altered states, but who knows.. Do you notice any patterns taking place when you experience them? I also cannot recall ever seeing the same shapes more than once, which is also interesting.. Thanks for reaching out, and sorry if I don’t have much to offer as far as answers.. It’s nice to know I’m not alone though. Are you also experiencing the vibrations upon awakening?

Hi! Yes I have seen the shapes too! I liken it to the movie the Matrix or computer code falling. I have tried to actually read what it says to write it down but it disappears to quickly. My neurologist says that is “normal”. More common than the vibrations of which he hasn’t heard of. But in his mind they are also benign. I am going on three months of vibrations. I am believing when we are in a heightened state or “stressed” our consciousness wakes up faster than others because of our flight or fight and we sense those vibrations. I think everyone gets them just most are not fully awake to notice until they have passed!

Wow yes, that’s a perfect way to describe how I see it also!!

I was also experiencing the vibrations for about 8 months straight every single time I would wake up until about a month ago..I got a whole slough of tests from EKG, extensive blood work, 48 hour holter monitor etc.. and everything came back normal.. I got no help or answers from my doctors, so I decided to do my own research and discovered this forum, and also Anthony William (the medical medium) whom has been such a wealth of information in regards to using food as medicine and the healing effects Whole Foods have on our bodies.. Not sure if you have heard of the whole Celery Juice craze however upon reading about it, I decided to give it a shot and within just 4 days of drinking Celery Juice daily in the mornings, my vibrations were 100% gone and haven’t returned yet!!!! If you are interested in researching further to see if this can help you the link to this information is under Celery Juice! I have noticed several other issues I was having have cleared up completely as well (fatigue, anxiety, eye twitching, rosacea & eczema) and the Celery Juice is the only thing that I have done differently.. Truly amazing!!! Still not 100% sure what the root cause of the geometric patterns or vibrations is/was but hey, Im just super excited to now have relief cause the vibrations were really wearing me down.. Just wanted to share what has worked for me, but hope you are able to find the answers you are looking for, or some comfort/healing regardless of the path you take.. 🙏🏼

At this point I will try anything! Last night was the first night they happened while I was just laying there (I was awake since 12:30 am) makes me wonder if this is what happens to all of us and Eventually they wake us up. Thank you so much I can’t imagine 8 months of this crap <3

Yikes, Definitely alarming and frustrating when that happens... mine didn’t actually wake me because I would wake up from a vivid dream and then the moment I was aware and moved even an inch they would start for like 10 seconds but it was never really happening when I came to which I always thought was strange.. I was skeptical about the Celery Juice at first but was blown away when I actually got relief that quickly.. I saw another story on Anthony Williams Instagram about a woman who had visible spasms in her throat 24/7 for decades and she got 100% relief after like 7 days on Celery and posted before and after video to prove it.. If you do end up getting any answers or find relief with Celery or anything else please reach out!! I would love to know what works for others or any new discoveries on this issue.. I can’t imagine living with it for years like some others have stated in this forum, and I really hope they don’t come back!! 😞 sending out lots of light and love!! 🌟❤️

I do not want to jinx this but I started the celery juice Friday. (it was during the day) then Saturday and Sunday am I did on an empty stomach. I am not kidding you all day Sunday I felt "different" and when I went to bed I thought to my self I am going to sleep normal again i can feel it. Last night was the first night in THREE months I did NOT have the vibrations!!!!! I thought I should wait a few days before I make the final statement but I was so happy this morning I wanted to let you know. IF this stays and you helped me I want to give you a GIGANTIC HUG!!!!! I will let you know in a few days, thank you!!!!

Awww this makes me so incredibly happy Yay!!!! 🙏🏼 I am overjoyed that you got some relief and can now be hopeful.. Mine have not returned since I started this remedy, so I just made Celery part of my daily routine and that’s when I noticed all my other issues start to clear up shortly after!! I hope it sticks for you as well, and maybe you will see several other benefits also.. Please do let me know how it all goes regardless of the outcome... It’s truly amazing how quickly our bodies respond when we give it the right nutrition and environment to heal and thrive.. Anthony has 5 books out now on how food alone can cure so many chronic diseases (and a whole book on just the benefits of Celery) so I am excited to read them all!!!! 🤗 Hope to hear good news back from you soon!! 🌟

So I wish I had good news. They are not every night but still most nights. On bad nights they have moved to my head. I am undergoing studies at Mayo hoping to find a cause.

Aww this is a total bummer, 😞 sorry to hear they didn’t go away completely, how frustrating.. I know the feeling, it was 8 months of complete confusion and wondering what the heck was going on.. I also experienced the vibrations in my head on several occasions, which was pretty alarming..I truly hope you find the answers you are looking for, so you feel there is at least a light at the end of the tunnel.. Please reach out if you do, because we could all use a little clarity or direction on this mystery..Hang in there! 🙏🏼

Thanks so much I will keep you posted!

This has been happening to me for a weeks now. When it first began, it would only happen if I woke shortly after going to sleep. Then it started occurring later in the night and finally even when I woke up in the morning. I started experiencing other things also but not sure if related or not. Pulsatile tinnitus in the left ear (had MRA of brain and no tumors, no aneurism, no malformation, no thyroid issue). Also, numbness/weakness in arms). Have had my heart checked as well and bloodwork all good. I thought it could be due to a pinched nerve in neck from car accident and still may be the case, not sure. Going to neurologist in a couple weeks to rule out MS/Parkinsons. Been told by one doc he thinks it could be anxiety. Not sure but not knowing is certainly leading to more anxiety. I appreciate you guys telling your stories, I will be checking in from time to time to see your progress.

Also, experiencing hypnic jerks much more frequently. Worse when I lie on my back.

Similar issues to you and I leaned I am extremely sensitive to EMF (WiFi, 5G, smart meters, LED lighting). It’s the reason the doctors cannot diagnose it! I feel electrical, fatigued, earthquake tremors at night, digestive issues, heart palpitations, brain fog and dizziness. Basically, my body is so sensitive to these frequencies! Walking on beach or grass helps ground and earth and looking into EMF protection and educating yourself on dirty electricity

Did you ever figure out what was wrong since I have the exact same thing?

Exactly the same symptoms here. Did you ever figure this out? My docs all think anxiety related. I had exact same transition of symptoms from falling asleep to shifting to morning.

JAB53 in reply to BunVibrations

I agree with this as I have had a number of experiences taking place but always at night. Electrical heat up my spine and into my brain, having been pulled out of sleep about two minutes before it begins. Sometimes this becomes more intense in my brain leading to a strong vibrational experience. Now experienced for about ten years. Occasional tingling in my left ear - now experienced for about two and half years. This started a few months after my daughter died suddenly and tragically end of August 2016. Proctalgia Fugax, or anal panic attacks which started about two years before my daughter died - only ever happens at night (no known cause). Vibrations as described only happening at night, sometimes twice in a night, and sometimes accompanied by low level anxiety. I am 65 years old. Since my daughter died, I have notice increased activity in my consciousness and now am mostly into developing my consciousness and also my knowledge of the world and the universe. I am looking to other sources to help this to happen too - like mushrooms. I don't have fear, I understand that there could be a physical cause of what I experience, but I am very happy with my increased engagement with the world around me on so many level. I don't know whether this helps anyone, but I hope so.

Omg I cant believe what I am reading, I to have been studying consciousnesses and meditating for 4 months now and this has started happening to me over the last few days 😳🥰

This has been happening to me the last few months. I would wake up thinking it's my heart, clots or something medical but the vibrating stops fairly quickly. Last night when it happened I received a "download" to look into ascension or something on a more spiritual level. Your interpretation is in alignment. Thanks!

I started this a month ago. I believe it's all linked to adrenal fatigue. I've literally had every test, blood tests, ultrasound of my heart and lymph node, xray of my chest and a CT scan of my brain. Everything is coming back normal! But I have fatigue in the day, it's better at night. I also wake up around 5 am with internal shaking. It's so horrible and I absolutely hate this.

Anyone know of herbs/supplements to combat this? I truly will try anything!

Same here. Woke up at 5 this morning with tingling all over and a buzzing feeling inside my whole body. I also felt like my brain isn't connected to my body in the right way, like my limbs are just on one pile without any order in them.

I'm also interested in supplementes or exercises I can do to prevent this, because it is exhausting me.

Please read my post above. These symptoms really are a normal feeling associated with increased consciousness that is happening on Earth right now. It is a normal process, not anxiety and not a medical issue. The best way to learn to understand and cope with it is through meditation and learning about how your energy body and spiritual nature are interacting with your physical body. Please do a search on Earth shift or 5D shift symptoms and you will have better explanations of the process that causes this energetic charge and vibrations in the human body.

I don't really care if something is shifting or not. Since my previous post I've become quite ill due to the exhaustion and I can't function anymore which has led to a financial disaster. I'd prefer the Earth to stay like it is and be able to pay the bills and feel well.

Personally I suspect the huge number of cellphone towers which were placed near my home during the last two years to be the cause of my symptoms. The feeling in my body definitely doesn't feel like something good, more like something evil and destructive. I've been a meditator during the biggest part of my life and know when something is off.

Csamai11 in reply to BuzzBee49

How are you handling things! Mine has been happening for 6 months and I am losing my mind.

BuzzBee49 in reply to Csamai11

I try to keep moving around for a few hours a day and for the rest take a lot of rest and eat clean and fresh food. I started to feel a little bit better till 3 weeks ago when I received a shot with Septanest at the dentists, and now I feel completely off again:-( . The stuff contains articaine, which I can't break down so I now know for sure that I will be feeling ill for the next few months...

Please shut up about this 5D shift stuff unless you have some scientific, academic, peer reviewed evidence. Evidence is important. This is a medical site and you're giving out unfounded and potentially dangerous advice.

OneLuv in reply to Choam_Nomsky

No, people are experiencing something and are free to speak about their experiences. Do not shut down people seeking help even if it is in information you do not agree with. As always if you want sound medical advice, see your doctor. If you want community help here on social media be prepared to read various things from people of all walks of life. Have a good day.

Choam_Nomsky in reply to OneLuv

I'm not shutting down people seeking help, I'm shutting down people talking about a "5D shift that is associated with increased consciousness that is happening on Earth right now". Where is the evidence for this? Who is researching it?

I work in the medical field. This is a medical website, not somewhere for unfounded, unscientific speculation for which there's no evidence whatsoever.

Offering health advice that you have no evidence for is negligent and callous.

Telling someone who's anxious that they're not anxious and it's not a medical issue is negligent, callous and stupid. I'll not apologise for pointing out stupidity.

I know it’s been a while but I just found this thread today. My chiropractor suggested that I might have adrenal fatigue and prescribed Standard Process supplements specifically designed to help your adrenals. They really spworked! A lot of doctors distribute Standard Process supplements. You should be able to find one on their website.

Louieyumyum in reply to BB106

Hi what supplements are you on please

What a relief to find this forum. Lookonthingsabove - this is my story. I've had this internal shaking for about 5 years now and have seen every doctor and everything comes back normal. It's always around 4 or 5 in the morning so I decided I would just get up and pray and as soon as I would sit up it would go away. It is unnerving but I'm asking God for wisdom and peace.

I agree with that adrenal fatigue there is something you can take I believe it’s called Ashgawanda

Similar issues to you and I leaned I am extremely sensitive to EMF (WiFi, 5G, smart meters, LED lighting). It’s the reason the doctors cannot diagnose it! I feel electrical, fatigued, earthquake tremors at night, digestive issues, heart palpitations, brain fog and dizziness. Basically, my body is so sensitive to these frequencies! Walking on beach or grass helps ground and earth and looking into EMF protection and educating yourself on dirty electricity


Just to update on my original post - There was nothing ever found wrong with me and once I started to accept it as just one of those things it disappeared and never returned . I was having a tough time and I think it is just one of hundreds of unexplained symptoms caused by stress. Best advice I can give is don't focus any attention on it, when it happens just relax, its not going to hurt you , just go with it and maybe like me you'll find it just goes.

Miniwheats in reply to Hidden

You have no idea how much this post helped me. Thank you so much for coming back to report your progress in this literally saved me from a nervous breakdown and finally got me on the road to feeling well again 😊

whytelight in reply to Hidden

I had this about 4 years ago and was very stressed about what might be medically wrong at the time, I think this probably brought this on and I ended up getting very little sleep for nearly six months. Just yesterday this has returned and I'm once again worried about what might be found at a CT scan,I'm begging to think your brain can hold onto past events and retrigger them, so I now need to reprogram my brain to feeling good again.

How has everything turned out for you?

overstress in reply to Hidden

Just to be are not Rob9771 the original poster, you just had his symptoms to a T, correct? I find it very strange that most of Rob's posts are recommending a book called Thrive by Rob Kelly (who is from UK) and Rob9771 is also from UK. Is the original poster actually the author who wants us to buy his book? :/

Just wanted to add that I get the same thing every once in a while. After sleep I get that “vibrating” feeling as I’m waking but goes away as soon as I’m fully awake/eyes open. It seems to only happen when my anxiety has a spike or if I’ve had a really stressful day. I know this most recent time I kept waking from dreams and it was occurring. Could have a relation from going from deep sleep to waking. I agree that like many things that anxiety does to your body, trying to relax and knowing that nothing is actually wrong is the best way to get past it, even though it may take time.

Exactly - dreams. Anybody else notice that it happens while waking from dreams. I started waking at 6 am a few months ago. Than came twitches and fasciculations during day. The sleep disturbance continued and I noticed it would wake me from dreams. I associated it with REM. Then began the internal vibrations less than 1 month ago. They were associated with hypnic jerks. When I would go to sleep, I sometimes felt the vibrations, but mostly whe waking at 5 or 6 am. I think I have BFS or Fibromyalgia. Both related with stress and anxiety. Hypnic jerks come and go. But the tremors are getting more constant maybe. Maybe they are also related with fatigue.

Gld123 in reply to VictorEremita

My dreams seem to be more vivid as well. Also I think the lack of sleep and stress begins to create a cycle of fatigue, twitching, more stress and worry etc..”

VictorEremita in reply to Gld123

Yes dreams more lucid - not necessarily nightmares but very vivid. I've read somewhere that the depressed brain craves REM sleep. But I don't understand the association with the internal tremors. Any idea how to break the cycle? My neuro told me i should stay away from my work before the PC screen for some days.

Just another related issue - Has anyone here suffered from brain fog, related to the internal tremors and ruined sleep?

Absolutely. Since I have this vibrating feeling I also experience brain fog and also immense fatigue. I feel like I'm 85; I'm not really able to concentrate on anything and am very absent during the day. I constantly loose stuff and am not able anymore to keep things in my mind, like today I had to walk three times up and down to the water meter to fill in the form for the water company.

I too, am looking for answers as to why I have this constant internal buzzing in my body. Your symptoms sound a lot like B12 deficiency. Have you had your blood checked?

My B12 was recently checked and was fine (about 460 mmol/l). Also: it waxes and wanes, which wouldn't be the case if there was a deficiency. At the moment it's really bad again, after having had a few relaxed days without any symptoms but fatigue. I'm really getting sick from it, I want it to stop and feel well again.

Kmomwoke in reply to lavender345

I have been tested for B12 it was normal range and I am also taking a B12 supplement daily for the past year and I still feel the vibrations almost daily when waking from sleep

BB106 in reply to BuzzBee49

Same! Have you found any relief?

BuzzBee49 in reply to BB106

The only thing that helps me is going outside and keep moving.

Csamai11 in reply to BuzzBee49

Wow, we have a similar story. How have you been lately?

BuzzBee49 in reply to Csamai11

See my other reply to your comment. I'll repeat it here:

I try to keep moving around for a few hours a day and for the rest take a lot of rest and eat clean and fresh food. I started to feel a little bit better till 3 weeks ago when I received a shot with Septanest at the dentists, and now I feel completely off again:-( . The stuff contains articaine, which I can't break down so I now know for sure that I will be feeling ill for the next few months...

LVL11 in reply to BuzzBee49

I have the exact symptoms. The only thing that helps going for long walks which I can’t do all the time because I work full time and I go to school. I did have tiredness as well but started taking B-12 two days ago. It helped with the fatigue but not the vibrations. I recently visited my doctor so I will keep the group posted.

Very similar symptoms to you - how are you doing?

So. So. Brain fog is not my main concern now. Dream enactment is.

Hmm. Noticed internal shaking over last 3 mths after a chiropractor cracked my neck. It is becoming more frequent - goes away when I am fully awake but wakes me up around 4am. Then right eyelid started twitching all the time and right hand index finger every now and then. Had emg test 2 wks ago which immediately caused right foot to twitch. Two days later eyelid stopped twitching but started to experience fasciculations all over my body (about 8-10 per minute) non stop for about 10 days.... Two days ago they stopped. Huge anxiety if it’s als. Seeing neuro in 2 days. Mum had PD (rest tremors) and father in law the more classical PD.

Have read your other comments and hypotheses and find them reasonable. Hard to pin point cause and effect. Any key observations over the last 3-5 yrs from you? Dream acting could be related to PD according to neurologist - do you experience external shaking? Do u still have bfs?

I have been experiencing the same thing every night for about a month now. If I wake up earlier in the night, say, before 3am it doesn't happen. Later on in the night, it happens every single time I rouse from sleep. I wake up, move a bit in bed, and start shaking. Has gotten less intense in the sense that my head no longer shakes back and forth, rather, it's just mild, frequent muscle contractions in my torso and neck that all fire at the same tempo and my head doesn't shake. Lasts about 10-20 seconds, gradually fades, and comes back with any additional movement until it finally stops no matter how many more times I move ( less than about 30 seconds total). Have been having dizziness and BPPV for which head MRI came back normal. GP felt it was caused by anxiety but I insisted on additional tests to rule out respiratory alkalosis which could be caused by heart or lung issues. Heart is ok, lungs are ok, then I started to get these shakes. Saw a physiatrist and neurologist about it and neither seem concerned. They agree it could be due to anxiety. I was very stressed out about it but now I just accept it...I figure if it's only happening at night and it stays that way then that's not bad compared to the health issues others live with that are truly disabling. I think it must have something to do with sleep/ wake transition when in deeper stages of sleep. It would be nice though to see it go away for good after doing CBT ( just started) cause that will be proof that the cause is anxiety and nothing else.

pianosong in reply to Miniwheats

I have experienced (for the last 6 years.) exactly the symptoms as you have described . Interesting how in tends to occur in later morning and not usually early into going to sleep. With me it also happens more intensely when I wake laying on my side. Usually milder when on my back. I have also rationalised it as you have done and am thankful that I do not have a more disabling issue and that it does not occur all day . I do have chronic back and neck issues and wondered if it related to nerve damage in spine somewhere. But then, why would it be just on waking? It is really frustrating trying to explain the symptoms to Doctors, who mostly just look at me as if I had just told them that the world is being invaded by giant zombie ants from space. Good luck with it and thank you for posting.

Miniwheats in reply to pianosong

LOL! The zombies comment! Somebody ought to publish something about this symptom so that at least one neurologist on the planet will be familiar with it. Well I have to report that I'm still getting them, although much milder, and some nights I don't get them at all. I'm not waking up nearly as often as when I was having more intense shakes so I'm thinking that I was experiencing adrenaline surges which woke me up, and then I felt the shakes (not necessarily that I was waking up randomly and having the shakes). It's nice to know that you've had them for 6 years and seemingly nothing has come of it. Maybe it does have something to do with spinal nerve who knows, cause I do have lower back pain as well. It remains a mystery but thankfully I am no longer stressed about it and I'm glad that neither are you :)

did the CBT help?

Nope. Still have em. Funny how you should send a reply to me today because just this morning I was thinking "what the heck is this?" and maybe I should go get it checked again. To be truthful, I really don't want to go down that road again so I'll leave it be for now.

Another “same here” unfortunately. Internal tremoring at night for the past couple months that often wakes me from sleep. Mine is in my upper spine/back, neck and head. Lot’s of muscle twitches too and sometimes a general weak feeling that makes my legs and arms feel kind of shaky, like when coming down stairs or when holding a push up etc. Also when relaxed I can sometimes induce the rhythmic tremor feeling in my head by moving my eyes while concentrating on the eye muscles.. kind of like the muscle contractions can encourage it. Very bizarre! CBC blood test and thyroid check were normal but electrolytes were low/normal and potassium was out of range just below normal. So idk maybe an electrolyte issue? I’ve been healthy and athletic my whole life so this has me pretty freaked out. Hoping and praying this will resolve on it’s own, and for you guys as well.

VictorEremita in reply to Gld123

Very similar to what I would describe. Initially i took potassium and I think it helped with the twitches - more easily you take it by a lot of salad 6 cups per day. Potassium is 99% inside the cells, so it should be very very low in the cells to show also in the blood. I mean you could have potassium deficiency even if it doesn't show on blood test. But hen again, maybe it is more related with anxiety in a way we don't clearly understand. Because for me it continues even in days when I feel fine and with no anxiety. It's like anxiety is accumulated.

I have had the same problem nearly every morning for the last few months, except it happens when ever I wake up between 4-10am. It also lasts 5-15 mins, in the end my heart beings to race a little more. I hate it, I think it has to be related to anxiety because it's always worse when I have to be somewhere in the morning. I'm a very healthy person, I need to go back on my daily vitamins and drink more water. But I'm active and I'm always trying to stay positive. Recently I started taking CBD oil drops thinking that would help, and it has buy if I don't take it I feel worse. I just want to feel excited to wake up again. I'm sorry to hear you are going through this too.

Hello Rob,

I’m so glad you posted this topic. I’ve had this same exact issue every since I went through an extremely stressful time in my life and a severe gallbladder attack. Every since, my ears ring and I have morning tremors. I’m not sure which triggered the tremors since both were around the same time. I got sick with what I believe was the flu a few months later and was so dizzy I could hardly walk...this went on for weeks. As a result of all, I now have tinnitus and occasional dizziness and tremors. However, the tremors are always there in the morning and mostly in my upper body area. To this day I still don’t know what causes it. I take some comfort in you acknowledging you have the same issue...only because it makes you feel crazy when you tell a doctor and they have no clue what it is. I just try and live with other choice.

Best to you.

Mine started after a nervous breakdown, I haven’t heard a good explanation as to why yet. The doctors don’t know and most on the thread don’t either. Just embrace it some say, that’s ridiculous.

I had a severe nervois breakdown about a month ago and constant anxiety till this day. all the symptoms and twitching started right after it. I started waking up with vibrations and trembling yesterday and it happened this morning too. I'm very concerned.

Hidden in reply to SabrinaMadi

Do you get twitches in your muscles?

SabrinaMadi in reply to Hidden

Yes I do

Hidden in reply to SabrinaMadi

I’ve been getting those, mainly arms and legs and now I keep worrying that my upper arm and leg muscle feel weak, achey, and heavy. I’m not sure if I’m just causing it from stress and anxiety though?!

SabrinaMadi in reply to Hidden

I get these too. I feel the same things you mentioned. I was told it was due to severe stress and anxiety. Google BFS

Hidden in reply to SabrinaMadi

Will do, thank you.

BB106 in reply to SabrinaMadi

You may consider upping your magnesium intake. Muscle spasm/ twitching is often a sign of low magnesium levels. There is a product called Natural Calm that is a magnesium supplement that you add to your water. It helps with muscle twitching and has the added benefit of relaxing you a bit. It’s all natural and does not contain medication.

Are you on medication at I get them as well

KW7777 in reply to Shelbygirl1

I have the exact same thing: constant ringing in my left ear and the vibrating feeling when I wake up. I got the vibrations first and about a year later I woke up with my left ear ringing and it hasn't stopped since then. I have no idea what is causing this either but I absolutely HATE it.


Glad to help.. Just accept it or even try and enjoy the sensation. It won't hurt you and I am convinced the less you worry about it the quicker it will go. Keep us posted.

Is anyone concerned with PD? Does anyone else here feel some tremors even during the day?

Yes i am concered with it. I had an MRI and EEG because of my twitching but all came out clear. I don't know how PD is diagnosed but I'm scared

They say that tremors only at night or upon waking have no neurological basis. Probably just anxiety.

It seems like you are a typical case of BFS. Search " tremors upon waking".

Hey Guys, im from Germany so excuse my Englisch.. i got exactly the same Problem, ist all Started 2 Months ago. Everybody say its Anxity and Depression But it gets worser. My left Hand is shaky and i Feed the tremor every Night, i even wake up because of it.. did a big DR. Trip, But they say everything is ok.. But i dont feel like it.

im just 28 years old But i realy think its Parkinsons.

I can Even Heat the tremor in my ears when im Laying in the Side Ohr close my ears.

Check tremors not only upon waking are common symptoms with Benign Fasciculation Syndrome (BFS). PD had many other symptoms to qualify. Let us know.

PS. Has anyone else here acted out dreams (for example kicking or punching or smiling or laughing when dreaming) and if yes, how frequent is this?

George2660 in reply to Paddy90


I have got similar symptoms too. I wake up, I yawn and I am shaking .

I have bean searching internet for hours now, which leads to MS or PD.

My thumb shakes sometimes too, and occasionally my right leg bend too much when walking.

I am really scared :-/

Paddy90 in reply to George2660

Yeah, my thumbs Shakes too. My left Hand a Bit more. I orderd mucuna now to Test myself. How Old Are you ??

George2660 in reply to Paddy90

I am 37 years old, what is this Mucuna ?

Paddy90 in reply to George2660

Its a Natural Dopamin

George2660 in reply to Paddy90

how are you doing then Paddy_

Are you going to see doctor ?

I am planning to go , but I am very nervous about the outcome .

I hope it’s just anxiety :-/

HiddenThis reply has been deleted
VictorEremita in reply to Hidden

Test this before sleeping? Or after waking?

ilJwamh in reply to Hidden

The trembling goes away right when I sit up so this wouldn't work unless you mean to take it before going to sleep.

I've read all the replies and feel I should tell you my experience.

I wake with extreme tremors with head and torso, I can't control it

I also have extreme RLS and take Lyrica for it at bedtime.

I also have nocturnal anxiety and I take Ativan for that.

I wake with brain fog and extreme fatigue and massive tremors.

I also have dizziness and blurred vision.

It's a mess.

Doctors do blood tests, see nothing so then ignore my Adrenal Fatigue.

It's killing me

I can't take care of myself and am losing my home

Anyone have suggestions as to what I need to do to get better?

What kind of specialist doctor should I go to?


Hidden in reply to CheetahTree

I have no idea if it will help but I’ve seen and read loads of testimonials by people saying how amazing they feel after drinking fresh celery juice each morning on an empty stomach. May be worth a try?!

CheetahTree in reply to Hidden

I'll try anything and everything!

Thank you!

I've tried supplements, spiritually healing, prescriptions, even essential oils.

Nothing works.

But I haven't tried celery juice.

Hidden in reply to CheetahTree

There’s loads on testimonials on medical mediums page on IG and FB and other pages on IG with benefits of drinking it.

Maditerm in reply to CheetahTree

Ugh ! This is my symptoms to a T... I have lupus and nerve damage in my feet. Extreme anxiety and panic attacks. Potentially from the medication I take from lupus (prednisone).

But I had been on them for years. 10+ years and all of a sudden the last year or so, my health is terrifying. I’m only 25, and I spend most of my days fearing my body is shutting down completely.

All of a sudden my vision is drastically getting worse, I have this horrible vertigo that is way worse than what they seem to diagnose me with. I can no longer look at photos on a phone or computer. I’m a real estate agent, and sometimes if I’m sending homes to a client I’ll get nauseous or think I’m falling down, even if I’m sitting.

I now have horrible brain fog. I have to concentrate on what it is I’m thinking or I’ll forget.

When going to sleep, all of a sudden, I spend my entire night dreaming /waking up thinking about whatever it was i last watched or thought about before bed. I have horrible feelings that whatever I’m dreaming is real. Last week I thought I was a surgeon all night after watching greys anatomy before bed? Sounds stupid, but was terrifying. I thought I had surgery in the morning and Felt I didn’t know how to do it? Woke up wondering what it is I actually do?Takes me 5-10 minutes after waking up to realize that it was fake... Terrifying feeling. Then i wake up shaking in my chest and arms. And the last few days now it’s my legs as well. My whole body is shaking and it takes a bit to stop.

I stopped watching tv to avoid this. And now its whatever I was thinking or stressing about. I no longer look forward to sleep because it’s mkre exhausting fighting these confusing thoughts during, then it is being awake.

I’ve tried to just accept all of this. All of my tests come back normal besides my lupus one, but I feel like I’m dying or shutting down all day every day. Which is terrifying at 25 years old. I had been healthy my entire life until I was diagnosed with lupus. Then everything fell apart. It gets worse by the day.

It’s so scary that I stopped telling doctors or anyone, because I feel saying it out loud sounds crazy and like a hypochondriac, even though all of these things actually happen. It’s so overwhelming i don’t even know what doctor to tell or help? I’d think it’s brain related? But when you have lupus, EVERYTHING is always “it’s just the lupus”. With no real answers. 911! Hellppp!

SFSurfer in reply to Maditerm

Just curious if you have any issues with your inner ear or ears? I just had a CT scan on my right ear and it revealed Superior Semicircular Canal Dehisecence which is more or less a hole in your ear canal which can cause many of the symptoms you describe. Its a condition which also ties into migraines, with and without headaches.

SFSurfer in reply to SFSurfer bad

I do know that most of my problems are caused by too low of dopamine in my brain but can't get doctor to believe me or understand.

I also have major adrenal fatigue and there is no cure for that, although I keep trying.

Thanks for replying.

BB106 in reply to CheetahTree

Standard Process supplements have products specifically designed for adrenal fatigue. Check out their website and find a doctor near you that distributes them. They worked for me.

CheetahTree in reply to BB106

I found an adrenal fatigue supplement that worked miracles for a few months, then just quit working.

This is what happens to me, I am drug resistant and always become immuned to product.

I took double the dosage too.

The supplement is called Stress & Adrenal Support by New Health Vitamins in Clearwater, Florida.

They only sell to businesses, so I get mine from chiropractor clinic.

Make sure the supplement is made by New Health Vitamins because there are a lot of supplements with that name.

You can buy them on eBay.

Here is link to company, they explain a lot about adrenal fatigue.

Hmariewv in reply to CheetahTree

I'm interested in the low dopamine in the brain. I've dealt with this for a while now. I'm curious as to what led you to feel it was low dopamine? What other symptoms do you have? Usually everything you read says depression and anxiety is from low serotonin but I believe it can come from low dopamine too. There are supplements that increase dopamine.

CheetahTree in reply to Hmariewv

I've researched thoroughly on internet and studied how the brain works and realized I have low dopamine.

One reason I believe this is because the only thing that lifts my fatigue and other symptoms are dopamine raising meds like Ritalin, Vyvanse, and Adderall.

Also, Parkinson's disease is caused by low dopamine and now I am getting uncontrollable head and torso jerks and wobbling.

I also have major restless leg syndrome, which is caused by low dopamine.

My symptoms are extreme fatigue, brain fog, unbalanced, dizzy, blurred vision sometimes, weakness.

I don't know if all are caused by low dopamine but most are.

I've tried supplements that raise dopamine, suppossedly, but they don't work.

I've tried l+tyrosine, mucuna, etc. Not enough help.

Don't fixate too much on PD or you won't be able to heal the anxiety or adrenal fatigue. What did your neuro(s) say? Did they rule it out? If yes, why don't you trust them?

Thanks Rob9771!

It is interesting how little suggestion is there online for any disease giving mainly night tremors. On benign fasciculation syndrome forums ( this seems a common complaint. Search + tremors waking up.

Anyone else notices a tremor or vibration in the eye or vision? Especially happens when laying down in the dark.

I have this. I have the internal tremoring as most described above but only at night when trying to go to sleep. I don't have it when I wake just as I'm trying to fall asleep. I also have the tremor in my eyes like suddenly my vision tremors mainly on dark.

Mainly on dark, whan laying down or it gets worse when you are excited? Have you checked that out with a neuro? My neuros say my internal (sometimes also external) shaking, tremor or vibration are anxiety related. Sommatization disorder one of them calls it. It happens also when I am not stressed anyways.

Hidden in reply to VictorEremita

I’ve had twitching in my arm and legs muscles for 2-3 months since hearing some stressful news and more recently I’ve felt a vibrating/buzzing in my right lower leg. The twitches are 24/7, although I don’t notice them when I’m moving and busy.

Dogmom55 in reply to Hidden

I’m the same. I don’t really notice anything when I’m occupied but when I stop and sit down for a bit or when I go to lay down at night is when it gets really bad

Magmann in reply to Hidden

Sounds like a magnesium deficiency. Research it and if that’s what it is, try magnesium glycinate (I use Doctor’s Best brand) on an empty stomach. Twitching muscle problem easily solved!!!

Mine is in the dark and laying down both. I haven’t noticed if it does it when I’m excited. I have health anxiety which is another name for somatization disorder some people say.... I have a lot of physical manifestations from my anxiety and the doctor always say it’s anxiety but I always have a little voice in my head saying but what if it is a tumor or something worse.... it’s frustrating

Initially I had the internal tremor when waking. Now I have it more when I am falling asleep.

May I also ask how long have you been having these. For me, it is around three months.

I have been having it for a few months on and off. It started a few months ago for like a week then stopped and then start again a week ago and has been just intense. I haven’t been to a neuro. I have been to my primary care and she thinks it’s all anxiety related.

Hidden in reply to Dogmom55

That’s what my dr said. Do you get the muscle twitches? Sometimes it feels like fizzy bubbles popping all over and sometimes it’s a definite twitch in one place.

I’m seeing my dr again on the 31st for a follow up as I was so worried when I saw him a couple of weeks back.

Dogmom55 in reply to Hidden

Yes. I had a horrible muscle twitch in my cheek for three months! It drove me mad!

Hidden in reply to Dogmom55

It’s so stressful isn’t it!

VictorEremita in reply to Hidden

Karen did you too notice vision vibration in periphery of your vision?

Hidden in reply to VictorEremita

Not that I’m aware of

KMC71 in reply to VictorEremita

I have this and internal shakes day and night. Friends have also noticed an action oriented tremor. Got checked and my b12, folate, coq10, and fats that would come from fish oils all very low.

VictorEremita in reply to Hidden

For me bad sleep and muscle twitches is how it started. It may be bfs.

Did you check with neuro yet? How are you now?

I haven't been to one. My doctor and therapist say it's all anxiety related. It got better for a week or two and then suddenly this week it came back strong but I have alot of pretty intense family stuff going on so it may be linked to anxiety. I don't get paid for two weeks so I said if by then I'm still having it as bad then I'll go back to the doctor.

Hey! I wanted to follow up to you on your question. I recently got my test results back and I have alot of arthritis that showed up in my cervical spine between C7 and T1, she also diagnosed me with fibromyalgia. I started Physical therapy this week. My doctor thinks this will help.

Let me know if it helps and what kind of physical therapy you are following.

I had my third session yesterday. So far it has seemed to help a bit. They have been doing a lot of manual manipulation along my neck and shoulders. They have also gave me stretching bands to do daily at home where I do two different exercises. So far so good! Still having the shaking some at night especially but it seems to be milder

Did they reccomend swimming? What about vision vibration did your neuros give a diagnosis?

No they did not recommend swimming. I did not go to neurologist. My Dr sent me to Physical therapy to see if it helps. Then I go back to see her after I'm done with PT if it isn't better. She did not seem to think it was neurology

But vision vibrations are not continuing or she said it is nothing to worry? Let me know the effects of the physio-therapy.

KMC71 in reply to VictorEremita

What does the vision vibration usually indicate?

VictorEremita in reply to KMC71

No idea.

Yes I’ve been having this too, but mine is not only when waking up. It happens while I’m relaxing or sitting in bed watching tv. Started about a month or so ago. Horrible horrible feeling. Been to my pc and cardiologist and they say it’s anxiety. Been to the ER also because heart rate goes up because of the anxiety. Heart rate and blood pressure have been really high with this. On the visit to the ER, they wanted to bring my blood pressure and heart rate down so gave me a milligram of Ativan in my IV and I noticed about an hour later the vibrations were gone. I am on a beta blocker (have been for about 18 yrs for palpations) and my cardiologist wants to up my dosage to see if that helps. Found a psychiatrist and said the same thing, anxiety. He wants me to start a low dose of Valium every other day for a short time to nip this in the bud.

Don't start valium. It will worsen it and has many side effects among others really destroying the brain. Let it heal by itself.

Time can heal it, as long as you let time heal anxiety.

Have you experienced like a vision vibration in the periphery of your vision?

I have

have it too. I had a bad inner ear infection with vertigo. When I lay down to sleep i wake with chest shaking and eyes shaky. When I sleep upright it doesn't bother me. I have humming ringing in my left ear. I'm crying now because I thought I was healed but it only stopped because I was sleeping on couch for 3 weeks with nothing behind my head, I laid in bed and slept head down same thing came back. ITS BEEN FOUR YEARS SINCE YOU ASKED THIS QUESTION. HOW ARE YOU NOW ROB9771??

Tractorken in reply to Caseymae

Ever figure it out?

Hi Rob- I have the same issue lately. Have had anxiety for years but for the last 3 years it’s been worse. I take up to 2mg daily of lorazepam for about 2 years now. Lately I awake from internal vibrations that are just horrible. I’ve recently been trying herbals like chamomile, Passion flower, 5 htp, lemon balm and gaba. I’ve recently read that herbals affect serotonin levels so these could have possibly been the culprit. I’ve stopped all of them now just to see. My other thought is that my meds aren’t working as well and I’m having inter dosing anxiety. I also just read about EMF- radiation from all our devices. iPhones, computer, baby monitor and Alexa to name a few. All of these including our WiFi routers are emitting radiation causing headaches, body aches in bone and muscle. Memory issues and overall feeling unwell. Look it up . Causes numbing and tingling in arms/hands too. I’m so neurotic about it all thinking I’m dying all the time. I pray you can figure out your issue and get appropriate help. There’s such an upsurge in anxiety today and I have to wonder if it’s all related to all the stimuli we are subjected to on the daily. Our bodies are not designed for all this external “energy”. I’m seriously considering going Amish!! God bless and good luck.

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You know that I had that exact same thought last week... could it be from EMF?? They say the new 5G wifi frequency is not good at all healthwise. I'm thinking of turning off my wireless router at night. But then I wonder why I only get the shakes at night. Hmmm...

have it too. I had a bad inner ear infection with vertigo. When I lay down to sleep i wake with chest shaking and eyes shaky. When I sleep upright it doesn't bother me. I have humming ringing in my left ear. I'm crying now because I thought I was healed but it only stopped because I was sleeping on couch for 3 weeks with nothing behind my head, I laid in bed and slept head down same thing came back. ITS BEEN FOUR YEARS SINCE YOU ASKED THIS QUESTION. HOW ARE YOU NOW ROB9771??

According to my neuro. These symptoms are nothing to worry and result of stress or pas traumatic stress. Rob already wrote that nothing was found with him and that these symptoms passed.

Thank you. I've had tremendous stress 7 to 8 major events since September 2018.

So, you have this for how much time? Did you check with neuro?

I have an appt. For eeg and mri.

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Would an sinus infection cause this issue

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Doubtful. I've had sinus problems for 40 years and I just began this shaking thing when waking the last two weeks. I hope you feel better though!

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I actually moved by the beach when all this happened. I also brought brand new furniture that has an awful smell anyways I was diagnosed in December with sinus I have serious blockage in my nose. I just had a ct of the head done with my ent doctor and he said to continue to take flonase. Before that I went to my eye doctor because my right eye was swollen he said to try claratin pills for 2 weeks, it did help. Also I had drainage from the inner ear thing in Dec. and now I have a cold in February.hmmmm. it's so interesting how peoples symptoms on this thread are kinda the same

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Well I took a claritin around 8am yesterday. That night I didn't have the shakes in my head when I woke up! I believe it could be my sinuses or allergies. Its 2 in the morning and my eyes are so dry and itching. Now I will get a skin prick test. Thank you! I need to drink more water as well for sinus drainage. I dont drink enough.

Part of me wants to hear from Rob and another part of me doesn't...

I have the same thing going on right now for the past week.dont know why it is happening wake up ears ringing shaking was diagnosed with sinus infection on antibiotics but seems to keep happening it freaks me out when it happens can't go back to sleep arms hands and chest all vibrate for hours I wake up at different times of night no certain time it happens Dr seems to think the pressure from sinus infection is causing this problem but still makes my mind race anybody else feel this


Rob, search "Internal Shaking or Vibration when Waking". There's a string of over 100 replies. You are not alone! At least one doctor told one of the people who replied what I assumed it was. Adrenaline waking us up. But we're so sensitive I guess we feel it. OR what I have thought over the years is maybe our brain wakes too early...before the adrenaline wakes us up. Maybe a timing issue.

I lay in bed and self talk: "this is just all my little engines waking me up and will soon go away".

Someone on the string of replies to above referenced string said once they open their eyes it goes away. I am going to try that tomorrow.

It sucks but I lay there and wait for it to go away so it doesn't win. I remember a comment my counselor once said to me when I told her I feel every heartbeat like I am the Princess and the Pea. "That's great that your heart is beating. That means you're alive. Your heart is supposed to beat."

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Also I have noticed that my tremors look like induced by the heartbeat some times. Have you noticed tremors vibration in the vision? Also happens more when laying and in dark or dim light.

A few times I saw geometric patterns flashing to the same rhythm as the shaking, but this was very early on when I first started getting them. It was freaky. Almost like looking in a kaleidescope...

I get small flash of light sometimes.

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I suffer with vestibular migraine and anxiety and these symptoms you’re describing sound exactly like that. Flashing lights are a warning sign of an impending migraine. I also have adrenaline shakes first thing of a morning, usually upon getting out of bed and moving (they last about 2 minutes) but only when I’m about to have a bout of migraine... don’t forget, migraine is a central nervous system illness. I suggest keeping a little diary when you get your shakes and see if you have any of the following


Heightened sensitivity to sound and light


Heightened sense of smell


Pain anywhere around the face neck and head.

And ask yourself, are you sleeping properly? As lack of sleep is a major trigger of migraine.

Hope this helps 👍🏻

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Hi. I got a dx. A couple of weeks ago. I have vestibular as well. My neurologist sent me to physical therapy, due to the dizziness, and he diagnosed me. So far I'm doing much better. My physical therapist said it happened when I had that inner ear inf in December 2018, so now my left ear is trying to catch up with my right ear which causes pressure on the nerve to the brain stem and my right eye. I still have to sleep sitting up though not flat. But Pt is helping so far with the dizziness and my right eye going this and that way. Also I had a bad sinus inf. Thank you. Also my mri came back negative. Yes I'm having some lack of sleep as well because I keep eating chocolate and caffeine which is not good for the vestibular. I've learned so much through this thread and you tube. What foods help and what foods dont. When my eyes get sideways I find a point to stare at per Physical therapy. Thank you for replying..I was waiting so I could tell the news :), maybe it can help someone else.

Hey I thought I'd just add in here my own experience. I have had tremors or physical twitches but I've experienced the sort of buzzing everyone's talking about and literal pulsing in my vision. Usually the pulsing is slightly faster than a normal heartrate and makes my heart beat faster. It gives a feeling of anxiety.

The pulsing is always associated with a sort of I'm age of something growing? I almost want to say usually it's like cartoon people being pumped up like a balloon. Whatever the image is it all makes me anxious enough that I don't want to close my eyes to go back to sleep.

I don't have it all the time but it's been happening for a good half of my life I'd say. I think it follows night when I wake up in the middle of the night with too much to think of to go back to sleep.

Ive been sick with a nasty cold and asthma which raises heart rate as is and I've been experiencing such an intense eye pulse in the mornings that I'm waking up an hour earlier. I definitely feel it's adrenaline fatigue or anxiety.

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Have you ever thought it can be related with gradual loss of oxygen in the brain? Maybe narrowing of vessels? Many people complaingbof this also have spondylosis. But it also can be adrenaline, anxiety or fatigue. It happens more when you are stressed, excited or tired. Half of your life? How old are you? What have your neuros told you?


So, since buying a year of and doing the daily meditations, listening to some of the their masterclasses, reducing my caffeine (from 1 ten ounce cup of coffee, and two 8 oz cups of tea per day) and walking more frequently for an hour several times a week...I haven't had the internal tremors when I awaken in the morning or as I dose off to sleep. I am reducing the caffeine SLOWLY so I don't get a headache. I am down to 4 oz (Keurig has a measuring button) and I will miss it; it tastes so yummy in the morning.

I did take the advise of someone on here who said they learned that if they open their eyes and look around they go away. I do believe it's cortisol or adrenaline or something that is waking our body in the morning and either we wake before we should and feel it or we're pumping out too much. Either way, crossing my fingers since I hate it, I haven't had it in several weeks.

Anyone has noticed episodes of acting out dreams while sleeping? That is doing movements that you are dreaming in real life. Sometimes you can wake up and be conscient of having done such movements, sometime the partner sharing the bed can notice them.

Recently I am creating a new idea. Many of these problems can be created by infections in the head (ear, teeth, gums, sinus etc) or even in the gut. The bacteria builds plaque narrowing or blocking the blood vessels especially around the head and spine. I am starting to suspect that the sleep disturbances and tremors are due to the brain not having enought oxygen when the heart relaxes a bit during sleep due to this narrowing of the blood vessels that furnish the brain with oxygen. The brain gets oxygen hungry and wakes us. Or nerves misfire due to this. Not to speak of the consequent brain inflamation and the viscious cycle with anxiety. So my theory is that there might be a physical beginning (infection/plaques/inflamation) and the subsequent anxiety fueled by the inflamation does the rest.

Thanks Victor, Your thoughts on this are interesting and make sense to me. For a year I had (along with internal shaking on waking in neck/back/legs for 6 years) Tinitus, which was diagnosed as a twitching in the inner ear and i was prescribed valium and Anti-depressant by an ear specialist. These did not help. The GP then suggested perhaps i had a sinus infection and prescribed 2 courses of anti-biotic. On finishing the antibiotics the Tinitus stopped and has not returned. (So relieved) I am also told I have sleep Apnea , which is causes reduced oxygen to the brain and 4 herniated/inflamed discs in lower spine and one in the neck. A GP has told me that this inflammation in the spine eventually works it's way to the brain. ( He also told me If I was a race horse they would shoot me!) so while I did not enjoy hearing his comments , his views on inflammation seem to follow your line of thinking.. The Apnea specialist said the lack of oxygen to the brain can cause anxiety dreams as a means to wake you before your brain, depleted of oxygen, causes damage. This may go some way to explain internal tremors on waking. Good Luck and thanks for your ideas.

Yeah, herniated disks, head infections, bad teeth, chronic hyperventilation (sometime caused even by aspirine abuse), any disease or stress that cause brain inflamation, irritable bowel syndrome, many times a combination of the above... the result is narrowing of the vessels and lack of oxygen in the brain. And the brain wakes us up as a defense mechanism. If the theory is true, there must be something we can do:

1) stop eating inflamatory foods like sugar and salt and refined carbs etc.

2) physiotherapy for the herniated discs

3) fight chronic or acute infections in the head or the gut

4) learn how to cope with stress and anxiety

5) daily exercises to learn how to breathe and increase CO2 in the blood which dilates blood vessels

6) not worry about the future and enjoy today - this might be the single most important step to reduce inflamation and brain damage due to cortisol.

God bless you all!

Thanks again for your thoughts, i find that in just sharing this information and the the knowledge that I am not the only person experiencing these peculiar symptoms very helpful and encouraging.

I guess many here suffer also from twitches even during day. What worried me at first were the twitches/fasciculations. I found almost all symptoms in Benign Fasciculation Syndrome (BFS). Nowadays twitches are almost gone completely but this internal shaking and vibration has become prominent in the night when laying to sleep. BFS forum is full of testimonies of shaking upon waking or before falling asleep.

Bless you for initiating this discussion. It is so helpful. I have always been a bit of a cynic re social media, as some of it just seems so self centered. But this demonstrated how people can help each other , even though they can be strangers and 10,000 miles away.

The world can be a great place to be when people communicate with compassion.

So, I’ve been going through this as long as I can remember. At least since I was 6. It happens so rarely but I can guarantee I can induce it when I hit a certain level of my sleep cycle and am startled or artificially awakened before my body is ready to wake. Also, if I run myself so exhausted that I’m waiting for my “third wind” so to speak, and almost to the brink of hallucinating. I do have issues with anxiety but I don’t recall having anxiety as a kid. The two states (exhaustion from lack of sleep and being awoken too quickly ) have different frequencies. I started looking into brainwave activity when I was on a relaxation craze. The binaural beats and sound waves that are used for hypnotic purposes seemed to artificially reproduce the sensation in my body and actually raise my anxiety levels. When I listened to pure theta waves without any other sounds accompanying, it felt exactly like the sensations I got. It’s not metaphysical. The brain produces these waves when we hit our third stage of sleep- when we have vivid imagery and are in a hypnotic state. There is an electrical buzz that radiates through the body and a quick pulse that is not in rhythm with the heart beat. Mine appears to replicate the theta pattern when I’m awakened suddenly. It also seems to replicate alpha waves when I’m overly exhausted and forcing myself to stay awake. We normally move in and out of these states without realizing but i believe these sensations may be a normal response to abstructed sleep. My hypothesis. I would love to find research confirming or denying this. Here is a link to a great theta wave sound bite perhaps you feel it too? Might cause an anxious feeling for some like it does for me. Meditative for others. Look up alpha waves for general exhaustion, no music though. It disrupts the complete feeling. For what it’s worth, I’ve experienced a temporary tinnitus a few times. Not the same sensation. Definitely localized, prolonged and induced under very different conditions.

If this is correct, since we experience the sound waves differently, either with euphoria or with impending doom, it would explain why some people experience this as an earth shifting life altering experience. Drugs produce altered brain states. Meditation produces altered brain states. Exhaustion and hunger and fear produce altered brain states. People react polarity differently to all of them.

The theta wave definitely is similar. Interesting.

I have been experiencing this for the past couple of months. Happens after i fall asleep for a few hours, then I wake up between 4 and 7 and the internal vibrations start. When I close my eyes its worse. I try to keep my eyes open and wait it out, but sometimes it even happens when my eyes are open. the first time it happened to me, I went to my parents and my mom had to hold me because i felt like I was shaking. she said i would suddenly jolt when the vibrations started, as if im snapping out of it. It happened to me again two nights ago. This time I ended up getting incredibly sick and vomited a lot, maybe due to anxiety. I think this time it triggered a panic attack. When this happens to me, I feel like i have no control over my body. My body might be completely still but I feel like I am moving and vibrating inside, and sometimes it feels like I am falling. Im very scared to go to sleep because I am terrified of this happening because it is such a horrible horrible feeling. I noticed that the two times it has happened to me were after a night where I had smoked from a dab pen, but had gone to bed completely sober, so im not sure if that has anything to do with it. I try to get up and walk around, but the entire time im filled with so much anxiety and am terrified that the vibrations will start again. This is one of the worst feelings ever and I dont want it to keep happening to me. I had a really mentally stressful time this past year and im not sure if that has anything to do with it. finding this thread was extremely comforting, because for a period of time when i would explain it to my friends or family i would feel like im crazy. Ive read some comments about meditation and exercise, and im going to try and give those a try. im sorry you guys have to experience this too, but were in this together!

Hi all,

Just want to say that I have had this shit for a year and a half now and was diagnosed with functional neurological disorder with anxiety. I had 4 or 5 funny turns on the lead up to this always the morning after a night out, then went through a period of poor sleep from moving house. Woke up one morning shaking. Then felt it at work two days later. Lost my shit, muscle twitching exploded all over.

Every day it wakes me up, around 5am. I have tried to identify cause, sometimes it feels like it's triggered by my heartbeat but it seems to originate in my middle-upper back and feels like a soft hunt, then internal vibration travels down my spine and into my legs. This just can happen several times quickly and the more it does, the longer it takes to go away. Getting up resolves it but it makes me feel ill.

Then, when I get to work, I'm ok for an hour or an hour and a half then the inner vibrations begin again. Definitely not helped by stress, that's for sure. I've been through every medical test imaginable, except cardio stuff and that is the next post of call as last 8 weeks after another funny turn, I've noticed intermittent tinnitus, really wild visuals, dizziness, sleep disturbance, horrible heart arrhythmia and scariest of all, an intermittent extreme chest tightness below ribs with dizziness.

I think it's a heart thing in origin. My wife says I seem to hold my breath in bed, maybe combo of apnea, stress due to this crapola and the funny turns from too mucj boozing has hurt my heart

You guys should try to perceive the start of the tremor. See if it is the junt that I feel. It's bizarre, there are momentary pauses in the vibrations, like for a second or two, where it is totally gone, then starts again. It's horrible, as it builds during the day I begin to feel totally fatigued by it kind of like my body is in a constant state of shock. Any tips or advice to get rid of this diabolical nonsense would be much appreciated. I've tried every supplement, hypnosis, meditation, name it

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Same exact things happen to me...if you figure it out let me know..

Ok. I’m so glad I found this! So, mine started about 2 months ago. A lot of what others have said is same for me. I was diagnosed with Graves in January but couldn’t start meds right away to suppress my thyroid so was started on propanalol (someone else with same is also on this drug?) to minimize the racing heart thing. I keep assuming these waking vibrations/shakes were related to my hyperthyroid but I’ve been on the meds now for 5 weeks and it’s not going away. Adrenal fatigue is worth investigating because that would make sense for my situation of hyperthyroid for extended time period before treatment. And My endo is no help at all! She suspected my heart but Heart function all came back normal which i knew because it’s way too fast to be heartbeat and feel ok. Plus I’m a nurse and used my stethoscope to listen to my heart when it happens. It is worse when I side sleep and it wakes me about 3am-5am every night. The Severity or intensity has somewhat decreased over time but still will wake me up. When it happens I personally find it Helpful to sit straight up, open eyes, take deep breaths and then prop my head/back up. If i fall asleep again too quickly it will keep happening. Sometimes I go to the sofa to prop up higher and relax/pray, then drift off with less issues there after walking around or staying awake little longer. I am trying to book a functional medicine doctor with hopes of an answer. Strangely, I also have had a vertigo bout too (4 years ago that lasted several months with a final Dx of vestibular migraine by a neurotologist). I have had tinnitus since i can remember which is worse in left ear. I also have cervical neck and left shoulder pain issues.

To me it feels like a nerve issue or some way that these nerves are compressed since it happens after laying down for a longer time period but recently i find it can happen with just a 20 min nap!!! Mine are mostly in my chest, neck, and head. It’s Frustrating and I’m over it. I will keep searching for answers until i can get rid of it!!! It’s scary and def not normal.

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OMG Same!!!! Two months ago it started for me almost every night and I slept with my stethoscope around my neck but my heart rate was always fine. Worse on my side. It happened a year or two ago a few times so my doc made me wear a 30 day heart monitor and that revealed nothing. The fact that it has been happening so regularly does worry me. IF you find anything please let us all know. I have an appt with neurology in 3 weeks, which is not soon enough for me. The reassuring thing is that it sounds very common and I haven't seen any scary diagnoses but I still worry!

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Wow! So crazy! We need to figure this out because it’s annoying as heck! I was super nervous at first about what it could be but it does seem like it may be transient( hopefully). Mine has been much milder recently. I’m wondering if it’s because i have gotten my thyroid levels more normal recently. I’ll share anything I get and you please do the same!!! Thanks.

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see my below comment on what I have learned, glad yours is getting better!

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I have this too. I’m wondering how many of us are women in their 40’s that are peri menopausal or menopausal. My hormones have definitely changed.

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So I work with a naturalist and I have chronic Epstein Barr virus and she says it is very possible that it is the cause (reactivated due to stress). She says it can attack all sorts of things in the body and cause similar symptoms because of hormone changes (so it could ALSO be the change as you suggested). I am starting antivirals and seeing if things get better, I will let you know!!!!

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Interesting, everything with my thyroid points to EBV as the culprit as well. I def want to start seeing a functional medicine doctor now!!! Thanks!

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Oh wow you should! She discovered that, LOW D, iron, and adrenal problems. My medical doctor would have put me on an antidepressant.

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Any luck? Mine is getting worse and starting to worry.

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Hi! Mine are still present but with less intensity if that makes sense- like i can still feel it in night and it may wake me but I can fall back asleep by switching positions. I have not seen a functional med doctor yet because they are all very expensive!!! But I’ve been reading a ton and following a bunch IG so therefore have started some beginning basic changes. Which are no gluten and no dairy. Mostly all organic foods with high incorporating of raw foods. Taking vit D daily and a B12 as well as incorporating lots of inflammation reducing supplements. I have no idea if this has help with vibrations specifically but my goal is to reduce inflammation overall and heal from all of this thyroid/ autoimmune stuff. I’ll keep you posted. Wishing you best of luck! And Thanks for asking.

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Glad to hear! Definitely keep us posted :)

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Also I am almost 44 ,don't have any irregular cycles yet but my mom did go through menopause young so maybe...

Just found this thread and relate so much! I’m 43 and pretty sure I’m going through peri menopause. I’ve had the waking up internally shaky feeling for a few weeks, along with major fatigue and muscle aches. GP said anxiety and tried an SSRI which I only took once and it made me violently ill. I’d just started with a functional medicine doc so she checked my thyroid, hormones and vitamin levels. My reverse T3 was high so she upped my Armour thyroid med. she’s also prescribed some progesterone replacement for bedtime which I haven’t tried yet. I’ll see if that helps. I’ve also started supplements for adrenal fatigue. Next week I’m starting neurofeedback to try to retrain my brain away from this anxious rut. (My brother died suddenly 7 years ago and I felt this way shortly after that. It resolved but a lot of stress lately and another loss in the family seem to have dredged up old emotions and I’m back to being highly anxious 😟).

I'm sorry for what you went through!!! I agree I have so much stress right now and think our bodies can only take so much. I also think that there is a good chance everyone has this but we stressed out people "feel" it more due to whatever. Let's all help each other fix it! Although I will say this morning when it happened I just laughed. I'm not afraid of what it could be anymore, more laughing at how I let things affect me so much.

Anyone considered some connection to nocturnal seizures? It maybe a milder form of epilepsy? Anybody talked with neuro about this?

I did. Not seizures because I am fully awake and aware of my surroundings when it happens and there are no other symptoms when it happens. At times I will analyze the frequency, duration, and will feel around my neck muscles while it's happening - not things you would be able to perform during a seizure.

I agree, this is not seizure type behavior

Well I am going tomorrow to start to figure this crap out. Nonstop for almost 3 months. Fingers crossed.

Keeping everyone posted here....went to two diff docs in 2 days for this problem. First one says she wants me to do a sleep study for seizures (sorry not seizures) neurology was today and he says it's parasomnia. In the RARE event they can be caused by seizures and brain lesions BUT he had to actually "look in a book" (aka google) and admitted that he did NOT even consider lesions or seizures. My own research prior shows that the only brain disorder that causes Parasomnias (and they are the REM sleep disorder type NOT the kind we all have here) are still not brain tumors. AGAIN and coincidentally why we all seem to be here, links to anxiety/stress, of which I have a ton of right now. Hope that is helping you all so far <3

Dream enactment anyone?

I haven’t had that.

I also starting having something similar to this a few months ago. I’m awakened early (3-6am) every morning with internal vibrations/tremors, etc. It feels like a surge in adrenaline, and i feel the vibrations in my head, torso, and arms/hands. When i open my eyes and get up, the vibrations stop, but the adrenaline surge does not stop. I get up and walk around, but cant shake off the adrenaline rush. I take my BP and its normal every time. But the adrenaline wont go away, sometimes lasting for hours and hours. Ive already missed a lot of work because of it, and am at risk of losing my job. Ive already seen multiple doctors who have said its anxiety. I’m 37, and have never had any form of anxiety what so ever. This adrenaline feeling just came out of nowhere a few months ago after a viral infection that gave me crippling head pain and dizziness for weeks. In the second week of the illness, my arms and legs became weak, and i also became mentally confused. I went to the ER, where they said i had “a migraine”. I then saw two more doctors who said my symptoms were anxiety. My wife (God bless her) took me to Cleveland Clinic for answers. I had multiple blood tests run, CT’s, MRI’s, spinal taps, EMGs. Nearly everything was negative, except the spinal tap was high in protein, indicating something inflammatory possibly. But other than that, no answers. Now, my arms and legs have gained most strength back, but im still waking up every morning w these adrenaline-type vibrations like clockwork. And the adrenaline feeling lasts hours. Its debilitating, especially with no answers.

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I know how you feel...does your body hurt with the vibrations? Mine does but luckily only lasts a few seconds. You can read my thoughts about this below but you might have low serotonin and that’s in some of the meds they give for anxiety. I’m not sure but I’ve been trying and trying to figure this out for years and I feel like I might be on to something this time.🤞🏼

LeeMon in reply to LeeMon

Or hurt with the adrenaline afterward?

Ckc25151 in reply to LeeMon

Yes, it does hurt (sort of). In the beginning about 4 months ago, was very painful. (Felt like my body/organs were being squeezed like wringing out a wet towel). Now, the pain has stopped, the shaking is less visible, but that adrenaline feeling lasts nearly all day. In my mind, i feel good, feel happy,, but my hands constantly shake unless i focus really hard to make them still. Not just the hands, it comes from my head, torso, and through the limbs, making hands visibly shake.

Hi everyone. Well I’ve been trying to figure this out for over 10 years. I’ve only had internal shakes when I take “naps” for the past 10 years, until recently that is. This month there have been at least 2 different days where I started shaking before bed and waking up..I told my daughter to check if she can feel it several times and she can not. But I think I might have figured it out.. I think it’s low levels of dopamine and/or serotonin. I’m trying a few things out and so far so good. I’m taking a low dose of escitalopram for serotonin and I’m going to try to raise my dopamine naturally. I also have indigestion so I’m going to try to fix my stomach as well. Hope you think about this as a possibility. Good Luck to everyone because we all know this is something docs know nothing about :/

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I like this article about this problem as well

LeeMon in reply to LeeMon

This is a really interesting post and has captured the attention of many. I am currently battling severe neuropathic misfiring and during repair of the nerves (as I perceive so) they begin to vibrate travelling through the spine and into the head. Where ever the neuropathic problem is, there are vibrations going on. Interesting.

Thank you for sharing everyone. I have had an internal vibration happening over the past two years. I don’t see any signs of external shaking, but through the night and some days I feel a constant electrical charge. I have had test and everything looks normal on paper. My doctor believes it is an anxiety disorder and put me in Zoloft. I stopped taking Z a few weeks ago and feel fine anxiety wise. I am going to do a good cleanse, juicing (celery in the morning), walk and try to find a infrared sauna in town. I do think some type of inflammation could be responsible for this reaction. Meditation and exercise have definitely helped me mentally deal with it, but sometimes I feel this non stop electrical charge is wearing me down. I’ll let you know if I find any relief or have any insights. Thank you all again for sharing. It is comforting to know that I am not alone.

It's called internal tremors. There's lots about it online.

Hello everyone! I haven’t been on here for awhile but I wanted to post my updates. I went to Mayo Clinic and had a bunch of tests done. They couldn’t find anything. One doc said they will go away. I was so bummed and felt hopeless to not have a cause. Someone on here suggested the celery juice diet and I did that for two months. It didn’t ultimately help so I quit even though I thought it did lessen them. My end result is that they have gone away! When I accepted the fact that there was either absolutely nothing wrong or the fact that there was and no one could help me they just went away. I 100 percent believe us anxious people have disrupted sleep cycles and that we ALL have the vibrations it’s just we snap out of sleep much faster than our bodies are ready and we “feel them”. Even during the day I would get them but usually when relaxing. My advice is, cut down on caffeine, take your vitamins, And magnesium and melatonin for sleep. I also took an antiviral for Epstein Barr because a naturopath said that can do weird things. Either way it will get better, we are most likely not dying or having a serious medical condition💖

OMG ! Finally, your symptoms r identical to mine. As soon as I open my eyes the shivering stops. I have been trying for 6 mo to find someone e that had the same thing. I have been to Dr. Than a psychiatrist she verified the reason. I did not believe her. I have suffer with anxiety and panic my entire life due to childhood trauma. Glad I found your article. Thank u

I don’t know if this helps reassure anyone but I had this go on every night for 3+ months. It resolved for several months and then I had a HUGE stressful event happen and guess what came back? I am convinced that the root of all of this is stress which then affects so many different things. I don’t believe this is a signal of anything bad BUT chronic stress CAN lead to bad things. Much 💜 to anyone who suffers.

Thank you for posting this!!! It gives me some confirmation that I am not alone. I have been having a VERY similar issues. Waking at 4-5am to shaking and loud ringing in my ears that sounds like a tea pot whistling. Some mornings more than others. Same thing it continues a few minutes after I wake with my eyes closed or open. Once I am up or move a bit it stops. I thought I was having heart flutters but after an at home sleep study and wearing a heart monitor for two weeks I am told my heart is fine. I have been having added digestive issues too since September. Bloating, and cramping under left rib. I saw a gastroenterologist who said to try gas x. Still have it. I take probiotics now too. I am having a endoscopy in March to see if maybe something going on there. I also had two occasions last year and year before where I had such an intense dream I woke up with floaters in my eyes, which I have been Monitoring with a retina specialist since. Anyway, I have had more life stress indeed this last year, such as loss of loved ones and at work with more responsibilities to juggle. I will try the celery juice thing. Oh, I don’t drink caffeine or drink or smoke too. Can someone tell me how they make the juice or is this something they buy? Gonna start going to a gym tomorrow to see if losing some weight and releasing stress that way helps too.

That’s exactly what happens to me...internal vibration and ears are ringing really loud...not sure if they are ringing loud because I’m having high blood pressure at that moment because after I get up they get start to get a little more quite...let me know if u ever figure it out..

KW7777 in reply to AwakenShaken

Yeah, I have the exact same thing. In my case the vibrations stop as soon as I am fully awake, but unfortunately my ears keep ringing all day, although not as loud as while I am waking up. It is so weird and I have no idea why this is happening to me. The internal tremors don't really bother me that much anymore, but the constant ringing in my ear is horrible and I am sure they are related in some way.

My shaking is whrn awake. in my head. I jave had BPV and Vertigo off and on over the years. Also onr throid removed. I used to take vitamins but now only B12 and D3. My ear nosr and throat Dr. said it was in my head and pethaps have a acan. The buzzing is conscant and I would like an answer or feedback. My Mothrr had RLS, Vertigo and Ansiety. Am I becoming my mother? She is still alive at 103. Any help for my constant buzz in hrad?

Does anyone get this right as they’re going to sleep? I feel this vibration but it isn’t upon waking it’s only as I’m about to fall asleep.

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I found this thread because I've been getting dramatic shaking or jolts as soon as I fall asleep. It's almost completely ruined sleep lately. It feels like my stomach is pulsing then adrenaline rushes (I assume) which leaves everything else very sensitive.

I've had no issues with anxiety and don't feel it now, which seems to differ from some others experiences.

Hello everyone,

I know a lot about this.

About a year ago I got some vibrations in my chest when I woke up in the morning, thought it was an earthquake and couldn't quite understand what was happening. In recent times it has escalated where it often occurs during sleep, the first times when sleep was quite rough where it felt like electric shock throughout the chest and out into the arms. Now, this vibration happens almost daily at sleepover / awakening - but much milder than the first few times. The doctors have examined with EKG, blood tests, heart rate and blood pressure - everything is ok. will continue on sleep assessment, eeg test and mr of head. but doubt they will find any deviation since I read about everyone else here suffering from the same. Good to know it's nothing dangerous. what have you done to make this improve or disappear completely?

I have the exact same problem. I do suffer from anxiety. When I read your post. I did not have to explain the problem u explained it perfectly. Thank y

I replied to Robb's post last year...I had basically the same symptoms and they were causing me significant stress. I just wanted to update everyone that I hardly get them anymore and it's been about 6 months... I maybe get them once every few weeks. It got to a point that I actually forgot that I had them until one night I woke up with the shakes and thought oh this is interesting...

Also I am back to my normal sleep where I only wake up once a night and it's to go to the washroom. When I was regularly experiencing the shakes I was drifting in and out of sleep at least a dozen times a night and in the early morning, was waking every few minutes and shaking every time. So yeah this definitely has to do with anxiety and its effect on sleep cycles or hormones or neurotransmitters...

Why did all the posts stop? Keep this thread alive.

I have had a very serious version of internal tremors which doctors have not been able to diagnose. Every day between three and 4 AM I begin experiencing internal tremors that make me breathe shallow, and I have nightmares when it feels like my breathing gets too shallow to wake my body up. This is a very stressful and bazaar condition because the shaking at times can be so intense yet not appear visible! I experience most of the shaking in my trunk area and if it is allowed to go on it spreads out through my entire body. I’ve had this condition for five years now.

This is a very stressful and bizarre condition because the shaking at times can be so intense yet not appear visible! I experience most of the shaking in my trunk area and if it is allowed to go on it spreads out through my entire body. I been able to turn the tremor off temporarily by shaking my head. I believe this interrupts the neurological signaling. I’ve been warned by drs not to do this to stop with the tremors.

I feel these tremors are directly linked to an issue with the angiotensin system in the body. Every morning at 4 AM the human body’s aldosterone kicks in which is an adrenal hormone. When that hormone kicks in, it raises your blood pressure and prepares your body to come online for the day. Aldosterone helps the body to retain sodium and it flushes potassium when it does so. Cortisol follows aldosterone in this diurnal/daily rhythm. I have shown no indication in my cortisol lab work that I have low cortisol or Addison’s disease.

My neurologist says that the internal shaking I experience should be referred to as tremors and that they are like what Parkinson’s patients experience. However, they do not experience them on a set schedule as I do, during sleep. My symptoms were so severe that I thought that I was having heart issues. It was only when I started checking my pulse to realize that it wasn’t my heart at all that something else was happening. I actually believe it’s my nervous system behaving with some type of confused dysfunction, resulting in a sense of tremor.

My internal tremor symptoms came on after significant physical stress. I was placed on the beta blocker propranolol (Will take as little as a quarter pill of the smallest prescription for this medication) which helped tremendously with the stress of these tremors but, I didn’t want to remain on it permanently so I was only on it for about two years. The propranolol helped with coping with the sense of internal tremors because they are very troubling!

Honestly, more troubling than the internal tremors is the absolutely HORRENDOUS behavior of medical professionals that I have encountered! I have repeatedly encounter doctors who tell me that this is likely all in my head when they reached the limits of their diagnostic capabilities. It’s as though I’ve hit the bed rock edge of their fragile egos.

So, what I learned is that aldosterone kicks in every morning at 4 AM and it supposed to raise blood pressure. If it doesn’t kick in then what happens? So I decided to start drinking sea salt to see if I could get my tremors to go away and I could get them to go away for a few minutes but, It would come back in a short while after I went back to sleep.

I also was took fludrocortisone which helps the body retains sodium and that helped my tremors go away almost 98% however, managing the side effects of fludrocortisone and how it suppresses the umm new system, flushes potassium, magnesium and calcium was debilitating! After a month and a half on fludrocortisone I was on crutches and a cane because my leg joints stopped working properly and it took me a year and a half to recover from 1 1/2 months of fludrocortisone!!!

So, I now take compounded bio-identical aldosterone which I initially could get through a compounding pharmacy in the United States but, US medical board changed it (without a review!!!!) so that compounded aldosterone cannot be obtained in the US so, I have to purchase it from outside the country. It’s very expensive but, I have little choice because my tremors are very severe! I currently take 300 µg of aldosterone every hour and a half (because it has a short half-life) beginning around 3 AM daily until I wake up. I do this to prevent and stop my tremors. It works! It doesn’t work perfectly because I am still a menstruating female and that means that my hormones fluctuate more than a person after menopause or than a man. This means that the aldosterone works differently on a day to day basis based upon how high or low my estrogen and progesterone is. (higher estrogen means higher sodium retention which means I need less aldosterone, higher progesterone means lower sodium retention which means I need more aldosterone.)

I did try encapsulating sea salt and taking it throughout the night but I found that this was hard on my heart to just in just straight sea salt. I tried combining it with magnesium citrate to buffer the sodium but, I never found a really good path for making that work and the effect didn’t last very long.

I have also tried licorice root which helps the body retains sodium but it has other side effects of increasing estrogen and cortisol and I don’t feel good on it. I can take a little bit of it now and then. My biggest concern with licorice root extract is that increases cortisol and I’m already overweight because of this condition and don’t want to have excess cortisol.

This is a path that I’ve had to take with no guidance other than my own research, and all of the thousands of tests that have been done that show me what I do NOT have! I have been to many many doctors including the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. Cardiology at the male clinic surmised that I probably develop this condition from the stress of being on to high thyroid hormone for too long but they would not commit to that statement. I currently rely on a naturopath to help me with this condition and to obtain medication.

The bottom line is I believe that this condition is an adrenal condition that affects the aldosterone action in the human body. I believe it’s brought on by stress That the adrenal gland is not able to recover from. I believe that when your body is overstressed to the point that it can’t recover from how far it’s been pushed that dysfunctions like this occur.

It has become extremely important to keep my body's nutrients in balance. The better I do with that the better this condition is. I eat a very high potassium diet in the morning to counteract the effects of the aldosterone and I eat a very high sodium diet starting in the afternoon into the evening. I use bio identical hormones and I take very high-quality supplements! This makes all the difference and most people would never guess that I live through where I live through every day chasing tremors with aldosterone medication and having sleep disturbance and nightmares when I don’t get it right. The physical stress of living through this is incredible! I have gained a tremendous amount of weight because of the stress my body endures. I keep focusing on being positive on always making things better.

I find that there are a few key items which are very helpful for the stress of dealing with this condition:

The number one item is Theanine. I take 200 mg of the Thorne product every morning and it helps incredibly with a sense of positive attitude and mental acuity. Specifically take this brand because it is much more effective than any other brand I’ve experienced.

Are use electrolyte pills that performance athletes use. I currently use the product called Hyde8. it works very well to help manage electrolyte balance.

Because this is an ongoing task of managing blood pressure, I also keep potassium citrate around if anything I take raises my blood pressure too much. It immediately lowers my blood pressure. I need something even more powerful to lower my blood pressure, I combined the potassium citrate with “magnesium calm” which is magnesium citrate. It works phenomenally well!

I always have Ashwagandha on hand if I’ve had an overly stressful day. It’s very calming. I do not take ashwaganda daily because it can lower blood pressure and then I’ll have to take more aldosterone at night.

I also keep Hydrocortisone on hand and take it if I have had a lot of stress, which helps buffer the blow of stress. Have to pay attention to whatever causes an adrenal challenge and try to limit the effect of the stress.

I continue to research this condition. I think that it’s curious that several people have mentioned that they had BPPV before this condition occurred. I think that BPPV is an early indicator that your adrenal gland is not keeping up with your stress and therefore is not managing your electrolyte balance and this shows up in the inner ear electrolyte balance that is crucial and if the inner ear gets dried out then otoconia can cause BPPV. The first time I had BPPV was right after I was put onto thyroid hormone which may be a link as too much thyroid hormone can be in adrenal challenge. I have had BPPV several times and learn to manage it with the Epley maneuver. However, I rarely ever have this now that I take the bio-identical aldosterone!! Interesting about this is that aldosterone affects hearing and there are some functional medicine doctors who use bio identical aldosterone to help with hearing loss and Ménière’s. However, individuals with hearing loss and Ménière’s take only about 100 to 200 µg of bio denticle aldosterone per day.

I also am looking into the possibility that there is other medication that helps to regulate norepinephrine and epinephrine which affects blood pressure and the angiotensin system, which may help my condition and prevent me from having to take the aldosterone during my sleeping hours. This is an ongoing path and I will continue to do whatever I can to help my body manage and recover from this condition. So far I’ve had this condition

Wishing you all better and great health! 💛

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