Magnesium & turmeric

Has anyone tried magnesium or turmeric for anxiety. Over the years I've tried so many herbal/natural supplements but none have worked. I've recently read that both magnesium and turmeric can help anxiety. As these are two I haven't tried I'm just wondering if anyone has had a good result. There was a post about a year ago about magnesium but it didn't really go anywhere.


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  • Hello

    I am pleased you are trying out this Community , you may not get many replies as people seem to have stopped coming on as it is not very active but if like you people do start coming back on it will become a more active little Community :-)

    I have tried magnesium but never got to find out if it worked as I had to come of it because it was not good to take with some other meds I have to take , the other you mention I have never tried but I have heard lot's that swear by magnesium and said how much it has helped them so maybe worth giving them a go as we are all different so until you try them you will not know if they would work for you :-)

    Only think I would always suggest even if we are going to take something natural is to just run it by your Doctor especially if you are taking anything else like I was to make sure they won't interact

    I hope you will post again and let us know if you do give them a go how you got on :-)

    Take Care x

  • Hi lulu

    Thanks for your reply. I've ordered the magnesium now and some Vitamin B complex. I had a look at Boots and some supermarkets but they only sell magnesium oxide which I've heard can aggravate anxiety so ordered magnesium glycinate. I probably should run it by my doctor as I am also on citalopram but it's so difficult to get to even talk to my GP I'm not going to bother. I'll let you know how I go on.

    You take care too hun xx

  • Hello , you can ask in any Chemist such as Boots if they will be ok to take together they are better than the Doctor sometimes with the knowledge they have you can even phone your Local Chemist and they will tell you or maybe I should not encourage anyone to Google but if you put Can you take them together in Google it should tell you , just don't start reading anything else though if you do :-/

    Good luck and hope it helps :-) x

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