Living with Anxiety
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trying to live with anxiety and understanding others

Hello to you all for the last few years I have had battle after battle with local authorities divorce solicitors banks etc,

I thought I was coping ok but all of a sudden it hit me like a bullet,

firstly i was getting no sleep at all. then suddenly the weakness seemed to engulf me,I couldnt get out of the bath days later fell down the stairs, i found it hard to speak properly singing voice dissapeared walked away from people rather than speak to them , generally felt close to a breakdown tingling in my left hand is still here some times its very painfull but i found a lot of help from this site and realised that when you have this you may think you are alone but you are not

share your thoughts on here we can help

I wish you well


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Sounds like you have been through an awful but you seem to be slowly improving which does give hope to others :-)

This used to be a busy Community but not many come on as much now so replies maybe few but I am glad these Communities have helped you so much and I am sure your post will help others that may come across it :-)

Take Care x


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