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Anxiety/Stress rash

Hi just after some advice. I suffer from a red rash on my neck which only seems to appear when I'm stressed/anxious. It flares up pretty quickly and then takes around 10-15 minutes to settle down. It feels really hot to touch.

I find it really embarrassing as it will stretch from the top of my neck and all down my chest. Its looks like bright red blotchy patches. Does anyone know if there is anything to help me with them have been taking an antihistamine but that isn't helping.

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As you feel it is a anxiety related rash I don't think antihistamine's will help

This is a common problem with people that suffer with anxiety as well as blushing and the more we fear it happening the more it does

Also we always think it looks worse than what it does and others will notice when they don't

You could go and ask you Doctor if they have any advise and I would mention you are taking antihistamine's for it because they may suggest you stop them

Let us know if you get an answer how to keep this at bay because it will help others :-)

Take Care x


Hi thanks for replying.

The worse part about it for me is people do notice, I've had a few people ask if my neck is ok when it happens. I have very pale skin which makes it stand out more.

I will ask my gp next time I see them I have a thyroid condition too so not sure if that plays a role.


I would ask my Doctor then about this there could be something they could suggest :-)

Have you tried looking and posting on the Anxiety Support Community on Health Unlocked

You can be a member on more than one Community

This was a lovely Community but seems to be very quiet now and not many come on where the Anxiety Support Community is a lot more active with more members logging on there , may be worth having a look on there to :-) x


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