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Hello guys.. trying to keep clear of a negative mind on my situation... but I went to the doctor for this and they said I had 2 things 1 I had a sinus ifection and 2 I had pink eye... now the sinus infection I agree with but my "pink eye" doesn't look like your average pink eye.. it looks more like a really bad stye.. but hey.. doctors are like cops they are always right.. (sarcasm) any way I'll try uploading a photo but I honestly have no idea how my swelled up its actually my eye lid.. I am stressed at times more than other days but I usually meditate my stress away as a stress reliever.. don't think I did anything regarding allergic reactions.. I don't think I got bit by anything... either day time or while sleeling.. all input is very well needed also I should note my right eye is a little blurry now this could be non serious as the stye or lump so to speak is resting on the eye could also be because my eye is half open and half closed any way help me out with your best answers (I already went to the doctor they gave me eye drops which doesn't really seem to do much so far) (went to the doctor yesterday ( Saturday morning) went to my eye doctor too and he said it deff wasn't pink eye (I called him after my doctor visit)

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That looks sore :-o

How is it now ? I hope it has cleared up and you are feeling a lot better :-)

Take Care x


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