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Anxiety with a vengeance

I've been having severe anxiety and panic attacks since the passing of my kids father a little over a year ago..I've been prescribed Prozac, wellbutrin, and Zoloft...none helped and had horrible side effects..I've been on lexapro now for a couple months and it seemed my anxiety as calmed down a lot..well here we go anxiety and depression has come back full force.. Dizziness, head pressure, fatique, tingling in my body..any recommendations of medications that work good? I've changed my diet and exercise relief..anxiety is the devil

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I feel with you. Have definitely been there and on all those meds at different times.  I finally found a combination of Wellbutrin and cymbalta or Zoloft worked.  Unfortunately along with that I was given clonapin for the anxiety. It sure helped but now that I see the side effects I'm trying to taper off.  I'm not happy I am on this but they saved me these past few years  

I've read there are safer anti anxiety drugs. You may want to look into adding one of your anxiety is that high. 

I don't want to add drugs but they are needed if you are suffering that much.   

It takes time but you will find the right one hopefully soon. 


Thank you so much!


It takes time.  I've been on and off meds for 20 years.  Some work and some don't.  And then others work for awhile and stop.  It's so hard to feel normal.  

Are you sleeping?  If not that makes it so hard for your body to sleep.  

Depression is one thing and anxiety is another.  You may have to treat both.  I'm not sure which brings on the other. 

And have you had all your vitamins and iron levels checked.  Many times stress brings them down and if they are not high enough it can cause those same problems.  And they need to be on the high end of the range not just normal.  Anxiety depletes them.  

Check on them when you can. If you need help on what the levels should be let me know.  I have read lots of information trying to get healthy.  

Good luck and I hope your world brightens even a day at a time. B🙏🙏


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