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Living with Anxiety
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Driving anxiety

Hello it's me again.. 

My anxiety is only behind the wheel 

1 when I go down service roads or high ways I feel trapped and if anything happened I feel the time to rescue me would be longer and I'd be in fatal condition by then.. highways are worse because it's always traffic... and I feel if I don't know the exit and I can't leave I feel trapped and I don't like it 

2. If I drive to a new town I'm on high alert and very anxious if I get lost I feel scared because I know every one in my town and no one knows me in new towns... 

3. Fear of the unknown I fear anything can happen out of my own town when behind my vehicle but I try to convince myself I could fall or hit my head pooping.. (yes I could use many examples but I chose that.)

3.I tell myself death is not something you can run away from. It helps sometimes but sometimes creates more fear.

4. When I look at the sky sometimes I get very anxious and actually have to hold on to something but I also all at the same time think an asteroid could impact us and I am not in control of that happening I feel as though I need to be in control to be okay... 

I fear I'll live with this my whole rest of my life and I don't want too :/ my anxiety has gotten a lot better over time but I still can't have fun... everything awesome is outside my comfort zone.. how can I take baby steps to get over this driving anxiety and sky anxiety (which there is a term for).. with out endangering other drivers or myself.. I have tried to look on YouTube and other websites.. nothing is really helping.. please do not mention and drugs unless it's holistic like cashews for anxiety which doesn't really help like they claim... any way much advice is welcome 

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Have you watched unmasking anxiety by Your Honor?  She also suffers from anxiety but has learned how to better cope with it.  This lady went through some really hell like  difficulties of panic and anxiety, and came out from it with a better understanding of it.   I like it because it's helped me understand how anxiety and anxious thinking works in your mind, and gives some insight into how we are our own enemy in creating these worries which in turn stress our bodies so much that we feel like we are genuinely ill.  But funny enough it's mostly all in our heads.


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