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My Story

My Story

Here is my story of when my anxiety all began.. I never knew what triggered my anxiety and what took over my life until things fell in to my place and I realised my accident which happened back in 2013 could of been the start to this horrible illness 'anxiety' anyway back in December 2013 I was badly burnt, it was kind my fault but I was never to know I would come out with 2nd and 3rd degree burns.

it was late in the evening I was sat with my mum watching Christmas films and we had a biofenel fuel fire, which to me seemed like the flames was going out so I got the fuel and poured more on top which seems pretty mental but that's what you did to make the flames and of course it over spilled and the whole fuel bottle exploded over me, I was head to toe covered in fuel and on fire, from my feet to my actual hair, and to make things I was wearing a footless onsie, I went in to a state of shock and just ran from living room in to my hall way where my dad came running at me trying to put the flames out, it was impossible to put out.. but before you know paramedics had arrived and filled me with drugs but the pain was unreal, both my thighs and feet were burnt and the bottom of my stomach had a big large burn on, I cant begin to explain the pain it was unreal.

I was in the ambulance for 1hour and 30mins before I got any sort of treatment, as they took me to my local hospital which didn't specialise in burns and basically sent me on my way, so back in the ambulance and straight to queen Elizabeth in Birmingham which by the way was fantastic the majority of there staff are navy, Military and RAF nurses/doctors training to go out to Iraq. when I got to hospital they had to put me on ketamine and morphine so they could clean my legs which was done daily so I didn't get blood infections as my legs were open wombs, I was in hospital for 3 weeks in incredible pain and after skin grafts were done and I got a little bit better I was allowed home for Christmas, the recovery should of been long but I was 16 and I wanted to get back to school with my friends and back to normality, I just wanted it all to be over.

admittedly I didn't deal with the trauma I had been threw, there was numerous night where I would wake up sweating with flash backs and awful fears of it happening again, I was just so young and wanted my old life back. I had a skiing trip with my school in the February which I was determined I wasn't going to miss, I went! it was fantastic and shortly after that I got in to a relationship so my mind was in that and I never really dealt with the huge stress my body went threw, so my question Is.. does this sound like a good reason where my anxiety has come from? I have panic attacks and dizziness and heart palpitation and literally ever other symptom but does anyone else think this is where it has all triggered from.]

lots of love



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O what an awful thing to have happened and what a strong young lady you are to have dealt with things so far the way you have and I can see you have determination to have come this far

I think you do need to deal with what has happened , it will have possibly left you traumatized and you have managed to block it out so far but eventually these things will come back and yes anxiety can be one way in which it affects us

Speak with your Doctor , I think Counselling would really help you come to terms and deal with this , I am sure they wold refer you

I wish you all the best :-)

Take Care x


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