Feeling weird

I have been feeling kind of weird lately. I mean the past couple months. I get periods of feeling like ill faint and sensations that I will. I don't think I'm sleeping enough and being consistent with drinking enough water daily. Today was scary. I was sitting in the car and felt like I would faint. I do have migraines and I've noticed that light does bother me. I've never fainted but I notice when I get sensations like today my anxious thoughts kick in. I have been really lucky.

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  • I do too have feelings of fainting I know I lack sleeping we need to get our rest so our bodies can heal itself.

  • I felt this way today but wondering if it's related to my period. I have been feeling stressed more lately so could be that too. I don't normally feel faint with my anxiety and haven't quite figured out what's causing it it's really freaky. Need to feel better so I can work on Monday. Ugh hope you feel better soon

  • Hi have had similar thing recently too, start feeling dizzy really worrying was shopping yesterday had to really grip supermarket trolley to steady myself almost using it like a Zimmer frame :D I try to take,deep breaths and hope it will pass, agree,lack of sleep doesn't help try to get as much rest as,possible and also keep hydrated :)

  • Hi

    Its fairly common with anxiety and stress and worry it takes a lot put on the body. Your heart rate can change and so Can your breathing, blood pressure shoots up and adrenaline is released because it's thinks your in danger. It's goes into fight or flight mode. All this can make you feel a bit weird but it will pass sadly you've just got to sit with it until it does.

    It might be best to get your blood pressure checked. Try to sit down or even better lie down if you can when you feel like this. Food wise crisps ( this is because of the type of fat in crops, anything salty) and bananas are are good for when your not feeling quite right.


  • It seems to be lasting all day

  • Yeah sadly it can do, unless youve caught a virus. But if youre partially anxious stressed or depressed about something and it can go on a while. The best thing you can do is look after your self but don't let anxiety stop you from doing what you want try to let people around you know your feel a bit weird because people will help other people. If you in the car and it's safe pull over and call someone or just take in deep breaths.distraction is very hard but is good.

    Also if your on any medication such as antidepressant or similar they can give side effects. I do sympathise and understand I've been there done it and don't want to feel like that again!

    But I think generally we know when we are really not well. Your body normally gives you a signs and it's normally first thing in the morning.

    I hope back to normal soon :)

  • I have the exact same feelings. sometimes it feels like I'm here but no really here. It is such a horrible feeling. Sometimes I feel like I am going to pass out but thank God it's never happened.

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