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Feels like I'll stop breathing

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My anxiety has been driving me crazy. I'm able to function and get through work and workout, but my mind is being flooded with all kinds of thoughts. Im worried that I'll just stop breathing. My breathing is fine and my oxygen level is always at 97-99, but my mind wants to work my body up or vice versa. I feel like something is just off. This is also my time of the month in the next couple days. Any feedback or advice is greatly appreciated.

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Hi I've felt this before , it's just your mind messing wI think you . Don't worry you'll be okay , sometimes you have to keep telling yourself that. I suffer with it bad sometimes I feel like I'm going to die and stop breathing . But guess not because I'm still here . Try to relax and don't think about negative thoughts , I know it's hard you just have to work on it. Seek into praying when your feeling scared and hopeless . It works for me hope u feel better .

Yes. Thank you ! I pray every night and every morning. I need to start keeping a worry journal too. How often do you get these worry thoughts ?

Hi I only get worried thoughts when my anxiety level is high and I start think about negative thoughts that are just things that make me anxious . It's really hard to not think of thoughts when your feeling anxious it just takes practice .

I find that a week or so before my period I get anxiety like its taking avenges on me...it's the most aweful time for me. My physical symptoms as well as emotionally I seem to feel like I won't make it..but as soon as its

Starts I feel so much better. Definitely change in hormones causing anxiety to be at its peak in these periods. As for the negative thoughts that's so difficult to try and not do as with anxiety sufferers the one thing we can't stop doing is thinking and stressing over time but like notalone said it hasn't made you stop breathing yet so hang on to believe everything is okay and most important thing yes prayer...God works when we are at our lowest because than only we will let Him take control.

Yes. Thanks for your feedback. I can definetely relate to all of this. My projected start date is December 1 so it's about to happen.

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