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Importance of breathing

It is strange to think that a normal bodily function can be anxiety provoking. It's really important to learn to breathe efficiently. I just learned on Monday that I have asthma, and since Monday I've been thinking a lot about how to change my breathing habits. As soon as you notice yourself chest breathing, switch to diaphragm breathing. Also, for those of you who workout, this will promote a more efficient workout. I feel like I'm out of breath quickly when I run because I've been a chest breather instead of a diaphragm breather.

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Hi Katie: I go to a restorative yoga class and we have learned how to slow our breath down. It takes me a while but by the end of the class I feel better and have stopped racing feeling and anxiety. I try to do it at home and if I concentrate I can somtimes start slow breathing. This helps with sIeep. I also find when I exercise at which is a PD program in our community and again, I concentrate on my breathing starting with reaching up I breath in, bending down I exhale then I can feel stronger in my core and can go further. If I don't breath deep I get very fatigued. Controlling our rapid breathing by slowing it down (caused by generalized anxiety) I find I have some control over the situation. Now I am going to try it and get to sleep. It is after midnight here. Good sleeps everyone.


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