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anxiety same time each day

lately i have gotten anxiety at the same time and have to go to a quiet secluded place to calm down. I was sick and I've been worrying what if i throw up in front of everyone. And my anxiety always makes me feel sicker because it always makes me feel physically sick. I don't know what to do about it anymore. what i used to do isn't working and even in a quiet place i feel sick as soon as i get up to go back to what i was doing, i know its pry a social thing but i just don't know what to do now. any suggestions?

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I know when we have got a fear it is very real to us and can be easy for someone else to give advise but such a struggle to those that are suffering but sometimes if we can face that fear head on we can stop it having such control over us

Have you ever asked yourself so what if you were sick in-front of someone , what would be the worse thing that could happen if you were ?

You may feel a little embarrassed ?

You would get over that especially when you were shown concern by people asking if you were alright and if there was anything they could do because no doubt that is how others would react

I would have some water and maybe mints on me and if I got that feeling I would sip the water or have a mint and I would keep telling myself it is ok , nothing will happen and even if it did no one will think any worse of me because they won't

If it becomes such a problem and you cannot control the fear your mind is creating through your anxiety then go and speak with your Doctor if you have not already as some therapy may help :-)

Take Care x


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