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Some advice please

Hi I'm asked for some advice if someone can relate to or understand what my problem is. Since Wednesday of last week I have had severe back pain and as I'm a chronic pain sufferer this was a different sort of pain. By Friday I had shortness of breathe and very weepy which I assumed was because of the trying to explain how my pain was differing. I contacted my gp who asked me to attend the surgery which I did. She checked vitals except BP and was fine and she said she thought it would be anxiety because of the different back pain and it was making me anxious. From yesterday my head doesn't feel like it's normal. My eyeballs feel like they are shaking and my head feels like I've jumped up to quick which isn't true as it's worse while I'm standing up. I don't like being a pain and attending my gp all the time. Has anyone any advice please?!

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Hi Shauneen,

If your vitals have checked out ok-it does sound like you may be getting your head into one of those big anxiety loops!!

I get them myself so know how one thing can lead to another-then it goes rewinds and starts again but this time maybe adds something new, which makes you think it's something else.... but all the time it's that cheeky Mr anxiety that's taking control....

and really wear you out.

Maybe try to find some relief for the back and hopefully the rest will follow.

I also suffer with chronic pain, tho still advocate that sometimes the 'old fashioned' methods work well - good hot water botter followed by a cold pack, can be great. Although I'm not a dafty, I'd never abandon my pain killers.

Good luck 🌻


HI Shaauneen Have you Been to see your GP. If you are having chronic back pain it's advisable you get it checked out so they can offer you the correct type of treatment . what type of mattress are you sleeping on as Sometimes you can get a bad back if your mattress isn't as firm or supports your back properly. Have you Bent down the Wrong way or jarred your back by any chance?have you got numbness or tingling in your Lower legs or feet ..and our you able to move about If these answers are no Please see a doctor as you could have a severe back injury like a slip disc You need to get a full check of your back.I Am NOT a doctor but I have slipped my lower vertibre twice before Having a slipped disc Really hurts and I know the symptoms as i have had it twice Nine years ago..please get it checked out as doctor can Give you the correct treatment and diagnosis..Thanks Hope you get It sorted ..kind regards from abi xxx 😊


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