Lump on the back of neck (w/ illustration)

Lump on the back of neck (w/ illustration)

Hi! anyone notice a bump on the upper part of the neck, it's in the dip part in the middle like along the spine and where it meets the skull. It is circular and attached to the spine (actually i dont know if this IS actually a vertebrae). It cant be seen but can be felt if you press hard especially if I look up and press hard. When I or my friends touch it it feels like it IS a bone because it's just that hard and firm moves as I tilt my head up and down. What could it be? If it is a vertebrae which one could it be?

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  • Could it be the base of the back of your skull? I have a little bump in the bottom of my skull at the centre.

  • Mine is a bit lower but it does feel like a bone just wondering why it's so big and circular. Wonder what it's called

  • Hi, it sounds like you are talking about the atlas bone-where skull sits, it's called part of the spine-just like other end where you have 'a tail' of fused vertebrae.

    Check out a full human skeleton online or hospital if you can-it may help you make sense of why it's sticking out, basically as its a different shape to the other spinal bones.

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