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Feeling great

This is my second post, haven't written one in a while. I'm feeling much better. I'm not noticing my anxiety as much and have found out what's causing my redness on my hands and feet, inflammation and it comes and goes, nothing to worry about. Raynaud's phenomena is very similar and I just redness. My mum says that she remembers me having it red for years, I probably didn't even notice it till now. I'm not noticing any sort of anxiety symptoms as much, so that's good. I have been crying a lot though, I still get a bit of chest pains every now and then, just not as much. I've got plenty of support from my family members and friends. I had one friend who would talk to me and now completely ignoring me, she has MS. I found her rather clingy towards me lately. I am no longer friends with her. I guess our friendship wasn't meant to last, oh well, too bad. I'm not worried. I do get heart racing every now and then, not as much. I'm doing great. For anyone who is suffering from anxiety, try to stop focusing on your symptoms and get your mind elsewhere. I still get the shakes, my body isn't jerking as much either. I'm not afraid anymore either. I'll probably get things every now and then, just don't pay attention to it that's all.

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I think it is really good when members come on & give positive updates , prove that we can move forward no matter what with this anxiety :-)

Well done you with your progress even though you have had some up's & downs , I wish you well & hope it long continues :-) x


Hello, thanks I hope my positive post gets out to all. I still do get my ups and downs, other than that I feel fantastic. If anyone is still having trouble going to sleep, use an app on your iPhone or iPad, it's called glen harrolds sleep anxiety thing, it does help. Also, another one is a rainstorm, it always helps me if I need to sleep. Always breathe deeply if you feel anxious in any way. I smile now whenever I go to sleep.

I wake up every day with a smile on my face. I have now accepted my anxiety and it took me a while to accept it, plus I've learnt to control it, now I can handle stuff. If you can't talk to a counsellor, talk to your doctor, your regular doctor and he/she will listen to you.

They will help you if you need it. If anyone wants to talk, I'm a good listener and you can talk to me and I can try to help. Just message me on here, I hope I can help someone. Love to you all xx


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