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Sickly feeling

I have had this anxiety for over a month now Dr put me on ant-depressants but I think its these that are now causing all my symptoms. Just feel so sick and cant eat, then I feel hungry, and then I cant sleep, cant get out of this vicious circle. Its really getting me down and I am beginning to not enjoy anything and I know I am going to ruin Xmas for everyone else. I haven't been sick but I have to sit in the bathroom every morning.

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Hi Lily

That can happen with new Meds. That usually settles fairly soon, so don't give up

Eat light things , cereal and crackers and toast. -try to focus on the day and don't

Dwell too much on it.



been on them just over 3 weeks now and it seems to be getting worse since Dr put them up to 20mg. I phone nurse yesterday and she said to go back to 10mg and made me an appointment for next Tuesday to see Dr. I did have some sickness tablets that the dr gave me but I have none left only some old ones from 4 years ago and not sure if I should take them.


Hi lily 999 what is the name of the meds you are on


I was on Citalopram (10mg) for anxiety and Propranolol (beta blockers) to lower my heart rate. I am off both of them now. But it took 6 weeks for the Citalopram to kick in but it did help me eventually. I am now having CBT just to keep my health anxiety under control. You will get there let me know who you are now and then x


I was on citalopram too at first and it made me have the exact symptoms. I hated it. I was more sick then when I started the meds. Look into getting on a new medicine and take half of that dose for awhile. That's what I did and it has helped. My boyfriend was having bad reactions to citalopram as well. I don't think it works very well for some people. Iv learned that it's all about talking with your doctor and experimenting with your meds until you find what's roght for you. It's hard and it sucks but remember this will help you out. This feeling is only temporary and trust me I felt the same way. I thought I was ruining everything. All my family events and I apolagized to my boyfriend constantly because I was always sick and couldn't even get out of bed sometimes. But you have to rememebr you didn't choose this and you have to do all you can to fight thru it. Don't feel bad. It wasn't your choice.


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