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Exefor 150mg

Hi all, anyone here ever gone from 150mg exefor down to 75mg?? Then after one week change to something new? This is what my doctor is goung to try with me. As I feel crap all the time about everything. Even stuff I enjoyed. And I have no libido and no desire to do anything really. I'd stay curled up in bed all day if I could. I feel like I'm just going along existing and not living my life fully anymore like I used to :( thanks for reading

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Sincerely you need to see a new doctor. You and I have been writing a lot and from my life time experience with our shared battle- you sincerely need a new doctor. I was put on 150mg of Efexor just to start - combined with another 300mg of Wellburtrin. My doctor said any changes would take a month - so quitting one dose for 50 percent less and then on to a different one seems rushed to me- we know doctors know best but we are also responsible to ourselves when things don't feel right or we don't feel our health professional is listening to our concerns. Not every doctor is for every person. They are people too and all come from their own interests and backgrounds concerning mental health. Too me it sounds like your doctor is a nice person but it is time to try a new doctor. You need to do this because you are suffering so much and deserve to feel better. ❤️

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Well he is my new doctor lol. He's more open than the last idiot. I have more faith in this one. I've on,y seen him once before this. He didn't out me on 150mg. The old one did. So it will be good to see what the changes might be x


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