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OCD Ebola

I have been obsessing over this Ebola virus in the U.S. and its really playing a toll on my emotions. I feel so lost and scared. I have spent all day reading articles and comments about it.(on top of the ISIS issue) It all comes down to being scared to die but it is out of control. I feel so lost like I'm in a horror movie or a dream and I feel scared & I just want to feel normal :(

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Morning Kristyn

Sorry to hear you are feeling like this.

I don't tend to have the news on any more as it can be so up setting to watch and there is rarely any good news.

It is easy to get carried away with reading all the articles that are out there.

Are you getting any support from anyone with the way you are feeling? say a doctor or friends etc?

Please try and stop reading all the bad news as this is making you feel worse and feeding your fear of dying.

There is a lot more good out in the world today, but that doesn't sell newspapers.

Take one day at a time and keep posting on here.

gardener x


Thank you so much for reaching out. I do have my families support but I still feel silly and sad and very alone at times. No one eles seems to be this concerned but me and you would think that would make me feel better. I just feel really really sad and I'm trying to snap out of it


Hello. It's all very scary. Personally I become a nervous wreck when I see or hear someone sick in my presence. It's completely out of control and I feel silly but it's a real issue. Like gardener suggests maybe we shouldn't read the frightening stuff especially in our heightened states. Hope you feel better and safe soon.


Hi there you will just have to stop reading about Ebola and Isis. This will

Make you worse. If I sit down and go online and read this stuff I would

Be very anxious.

You have the remedy in your self STOP. Reading this stuff for goodness


Hannah x


Hannah I know I know the cure is right in front of myself yet my mind says what if something bad happens I should know about it. :/


Kristin I understand. We all have to know what's going on

But don't spend too much time looking at these things online.

I know the world is in a terrible state, but if we think too much

About these things we would not be able to keep going .

I find I get very upset if I read these cases of child cruelty and had

To even stop reading them.


Hannah x


Hannah, Thank you..seriously thank you! Xoxo


Thanks a bunch, it's nice to know im not alone. Just don't want this to take over my everyday life which it has been.


hi kristyn, i think you are far too young to be worrying about dying, get a hobby outdoors in the fresh air , live life to the full, if it upsets you reading about it dont get a paper, if its on the tele , switch the news off, try reading a lovely happy book just so you can pick it up at any time, please dont worry so much that will probably never affect you. love jasper xx


Jasper..Thank you for your encouraging words and advice! It means a lot and helps me in so many ways! Xoxoxo


I know how you feel i too read about it then while im reading im thinking i shouldnt be reading this and my mind spirals and eventually i think oh so what we could all die from something at any time. Then i see something else and start reading lol. STOP sounds like good advice


Casado, Isn't it just awful! It's no way to live at all and I'm trying to fight through the obsession. Stoping would be the best thing ha


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