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My trigger

Everytime before I go to sleep, all of my anxiety issues begin to maximize. During the day I am distracted and fine, but once its time to go to sleep, I can't help but feel a little panicky.I know that these feelings will soon be over and I will eventually fall asleep, but right now I just can't cope. From feeling confident and hopeful, I have adopted this new attitude where I just don't care where life takes me no more. I just feel like I'm being dragged on day by day, but I don't want to drag anymore. How can I just stand firmly with two feet on the ground and start making my own path? Or in other words, How can I possibly just start living life how I want it!? How can I stop thinking about anxiety? or should I just continue to wait for things to start changing? How can I change things for the better?

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You sound like you are doing really well with dealing with your anxiety but as most that have anxiety we focus in on what negatives we can find , what we feel should be better but doesn't seem to be , I feel like that is the anxiety trying to creep it's way back in & trying to find our weakest spot where it may get an opening

During he day can be so much better for so many as like you say you can keep yourself occupied yet come evening time when there is less happening we are left with our thoughts & as most anxiety sufferers know our thoughts can be our worst enemy at times , but try & remember thoughts are just that we all have them but it does not mean what we are thinking is right , they can equally be wrong if we talked them through with someone as others can often point out what we are missing , do you have family , friends that in an evening when you are feeling like this you could talk to ?

With anxiety we can care & worry to much what will happen in life where it make take us , so I am wondering is it such a bad thing if you are feeling you don't care where life takes you anymore ?

By that I don't mean that you get so low that you don't care you need a roof over your head & some kind of prospects in life but not giving things as much importance where they make you anxious could be a positive thing ?

Everyone sometimes can feel like everyday is just dragging them along , again people without anxiety seem to accept those feelings more until they pass whereas people with anxiety zoom in on them & start to feel something is really wrong but maybe nothing is wrong we could simply be going though a purple patch that will pass again & the less importance we give it the chances are it will pass sooner

Set little goals what you would like in life , make a little list what these are realistically & no matter how long it takes you see how many you can reach & with everyone you do or even get near to see it as a positive & how far you are moving forward

I am not sure if you are getting any help with how you feel but if not don't hesitate to see your Doctor & tell them how you are feeling , all the support you can get really helps :-) x


Hey Hun, this is something that needs attention, it's weird, I'm in your shoes and im scared, I developed anxiety as I was raped by a colleague and it hurt me so much, I couldn't bear to go back to college, but I paused myself, it was more of the question, of me sitting down, closing my eyes, and understanding that I was actually here (I know that sounds weird) but how many times have we insulted someone, or question their actions, I laid down in bed and thought I'm human too,

The first step is to accept your actions are normal and everyone has spoken anything you have done

The second, your scared your heart beats more, in my case my face goes beetroot red, ( thus dosnt help working in retail) I had a customer accuse me off lying thus my face went even redder

Anxiety is a curse and one we have to train, think of it like a task, the anxiety doesn't help but if we are dtermined we should fight it back


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