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Hi to all of you

Hello to all, hope you are all listening. I hope you are here for me. I'm feeling really off. I don't know if I'm sick or what. I've had bouts of anxiety for a long time really. Intrusive thoughts etc. Anxiety, deoression name it. I've been active and inactive member of this group. But I always find solace with you all.

I've just cameback from a week holiday to see my parents it was all good, though I picked up a bacterial infection probably from food. I've met doctors there and they treated me and then had to fly back and go back to work. 10 hours flight and moment I got back I went to see another doctor again to make sure I'm okay (I'm a hypochondriac 😔) and they said my gastritis is acting up so they just gave me meds to settle it down.

I haven't stopped feeling weird since then constantly worried crying panicking thinking I'm sick and somr weird things would happen that Maybr after 3 blood tests In 10 days and doctors said it will be okay that I'm here panicking and tertified of unknown. I feel spaced out, brain fogged and I feel lethargic... Light too... I really don't know who and where to run to....

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Sorry your suffering at minute. Trouble is when we suffer any common illness it knocks us for six and our minds go into overdrive . I recently had a stomach bug and imagined I had the worse. At present I am terrified I have something wrong with my lungs following chest cold before Christmas. I had x ray weeks ago but to scared to ask Gp for results. The more we focus on our symptoms the longer they stay with us . Try and deal with the anxiety. Check out Professor Mark Williams Mindfulness on you tube.


Hi, you sound just like me, I am at the doctors every week with everything and anything wrong with me!!!!

If I have a headach I think I am having a brain hemmorahage Or something itd rather exahusting all of this worrying!!!!?

I think the doctors are sick of me but I cant help it.

I am completly tired and lathargic all the time yet a steuggle to sleep at night! My mind just wont seitch off its rather stressful!

i was at the doctors yesterday as I have been having panic attacks quite frequently recently. The doctor was really nice, we talked about my anxiety etc which helped me alot as I had never discussed it woth a doctor before.

He referred me for CBT which I am now stressing and anxious about, the doctor made an sppointment to see me in a month ro check how I am doing, but a few hours later he phoned me saying that he think that he needs to see me sgain sooner as he was concerned, so badically he thonks I am insane right?????

So now im stressing about that........

So tou are not the only one xxxxxxxxx


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