Nervous and not wanting to do anything anymore

I've been diagnosed with social anxitey and ever since the bits gotten worse. I'm always nervous to the point where I feel like I'm going to be sick and I'm always overthinking and worrying. My mood keeps dropping down, one minute I'm fine then I'm angry or upset. This anxitey is really annoying me and it doesn't help because now in working during the weekends which makes my anxiety worse as I get really nervous and u don't want to work or do anything anymore.

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  • Hi Karin666, I am so sorry to hear you are suffering from Social Anxiety Disorder?!

    My son suffers severely with this horrendous condition! Bless him there are days he is paralysed with fear and cannot even get out of bed?!

    He has immense support from our local Mental Health Team, he sees a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Community Psychiatric Nurse ect. I was wondering if you have this kind of support, as it is so helpful? If not perhaps your GP could refer you to your Local Mental Health Team for support & guidance?

    My heart goes out to you, sincerely it does, as I see daily how it affects our son?

    Sending you positive, healing, comforting, soothing vibes

    Many blessings


  • Thank you. I do suffer from social anxitey. I've spoken to my GP about it and he has given me a number for a therapist which I have rung up. I just have to wait for them to get back to me.

  • Hi Kiran666, I empathise/sympathise completely with your condition! Thanks for your kind reply.

    Good luck with getting a referral to a Therapist? I sincerely hope they can help you over-come this dreadful condition?!

    Sending positive, healing, comforting vibes your way

    Many blessings


  • Thank you so much 😊😊

  • It is an absolute pleasure, honestly! I hope you enjoy your weekend?

    In my thoughts and prayers

    Many blessings


  • Its so hard isnt it?? It doesnt just make us ill but everyone thats involved in our life it takes toll on loved ones too! I feel so sad about it nd alone.

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