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Sleep Apnea

Hi everyone,

Does anyone on here have Sleep Apnea along with suffering from Anxiety? I was diagnosed with sleep apnea about 6 weeks ago. I still have not received my CPAP machine to help open my airways and give me more oxygen. I wake up extremely tired & sleepy every day. I'm sleepy all day at work. My heart constantly race while I'm awake & in my sleep. I'm not sure if that's anxiety or from the sleep apnea,which causes me to either not be able to sleep or not able to stay asleep. Im afraid that I'm going to die in my sleep. Well anyway, this is taking its toll on me. Any advice???

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I don't suffer with the sleep problem but do have anxiety & I can only imagine how this is taking it out of you

I would pursue them where that machine is , get in touch & tell them just how bad this affecting you physically as well as your mental health you have every right to & sometimes to get what we need we have to be a little outspoken...Meanwhile you could speak to your doctor about how this is affecting you & see if there is any counselling they can refer you for as this could really help you to ...I admire you holding down a job at the same time as you are dealing with this , shows you have some inner strength even though it may feel lost at the moment ...I hope you get a positive outcome soon & get that machine you so are in need of x

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After a sleep study test at Harefield, I was diagnosed with sleep apnoea. I also have severe COPD, severe Pulmonary Hypertension and a rapid heartbeat . I was prescribed a bi-pap machine which does your breathing for you while sleep. I have been using it for over a week but I still don't sleep except maybe for 30 minutes during the night. Maybe it takes a while to kick in? I am due to go back to Harefield Hospital next month for a review. Hopefully somebody on this site could give your more info.




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