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Anxiety weakness

Hi there I get this terrible weakness like I have no strength to move, it takes me all morning to get ready, as I feel so weak, I know the only answere to my problems are medication, but I have a phobia about anti depressants due to loads I have taken in the past, that make me feel worse, there are no anxiety groups where I live. I have had years of feeling like this, I have a buzzing in my head and ears and I wondered if I have sinus problems, I try to be positive but this just drags me down, and I end up just sitting here doing nothing, I know there is no magic cure,I am at my wits end because all the doctors I have seen say it anxiety and so if I don't take medication there is no help, I would like to be in a group that deals with coping skills in essex, if anybody knows of any groups I would be so grateful thanks. I was recently told thst I didn't grieve for my mum who died 2 years ago, how do you know if you have grieved, I was her carer and I don't know . What that means.

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I am sorry you are going through such a bad time

I have to admit with my anxiety I am not very good in a morning , it takes me ages to get motivated but I have learnt to accept that is just how I am which really helps take the pressure of as the more we worry the worse the anxiety & then are motivation takes another dip

I find planning my mornings help , in my own pace but having some kind of goals what I will do or want to achieve during the morning , it does not matter how small but when you achieve what ever it is this can make you feel better , also if you find afternoons or evenings are a better time for you then you can make up for what you don't feel like doing in a morning later during the day

Unless you have commitments in a morning you are free to choose how you plan your day & remember we are all different & again unless we have commitments we can go at our own pace , try & take the pressure of yourself a little

I think it it is important though that we at least try & get dressed as if we lounge about for to long without this can set us up for a day of feeling like we don't want to do anything , so making the effort just to be dressed by lunch time I find helps with the rest of the day

There is more than medication to help with anxiety

Have you asked your GP if you can be referred for counselling , some GP'S will let you plod along without making the offer & you have to push sometimes & keep asking , not great when you are already feeling so low but if you get a result then worth it

Have you or do you have a Mental Health team in your area you could be referred to ?

Again try & push your GP into referring you to these organizations including bereavement counselling which could really help you also as there is no time limit on grieving , it is like asking how long is a piece of string really , we don't know but talking it through with a counsellor will help you to understand where you are with your loss

I do not know of any groups in your area , but have you tried to put into Google if there are any or maybe if you phone the Samaritans they could tell you if they know of any groups in your area or at least point you to organizations that may be able to help , everything is worth a try when we feel so low

You will find people on here that will understand how you feel , maybe not the same as a support group in person but as an online group you will make friends & realize you are not alone x

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