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Horrible dreams all the time

Happy New year to everyone.

Although I dont visit this site so often, my work load doesnt permit me.. i Know i could use a helping hand with your support.

Lately (from a couple of months now) i have been having erratic, weird, alarming dreams. Theme: death. Either i dream of my late grandma, or a coffin, or I have serious disease or anything with that theme. Its repetitive, sometimes intense, sometimes just images, most of the time alarming. I have cried many mornings because of fear. and anxiety due to this keeps me really edgy it affects my performance at work. It happens so often, (i have never experienced this before) that it prompts me most of the time to look for definition of my dreams online. I get really scared, spoke to my husband, couple of friends, doctor friends, family members ( i even had a full check up and im not perfect but nothing serious) and they all say its embedded in my subconcious. Is it really that, or is there anything impending doom that i have to prepare for, that something inevitable would happen and its warning me? Its really delibitating. Im trying to find meanings to all of these dreams, trying to break my head and get meaning and i dont know what to do.

Anybody Listening? :( :( :(

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hi elle, my o/h gets exactly the same, she gets awful anxiety / panic attacks mostly when anyone or news about death comes up, i.e. titanic, world wars, airplane crashes , you name it, its nothing she can effect in any way, i have to leave the news off the tele, radio etc, not a clue what causes it, but i know the it cause her great distress, sorry can"t help, just to say your not alone, love jasper xx


Hello jasper

Thank you for replying. Was starting to lose hope. Does she also have awful dreams?

I wish I can talk to somebody who can guide me


hi elle, she doesn"t have dreams as such, its actually when she wakes up these themes are there constantly, the doctors are right, my o/h saw a psychiatrist who said the fixed in the subconsious mind, my o/h said her"s started after she had been to a funeral of a close friend which was quite emotional, so that could have been the trigger, your negative mind stores up all these worries/ anxietys to bring forward one by one especially when your feeling low, he told us they real or harmful, if you could create a distraction when these thoughts appear, a good cd, music, my o/h does headspace, its free for about 10 weeks, just google it, it helps with breathing / thinking, give it a try . love jasper,



I must admit I don't get the bad dreams. Cheese and Chocolate are the worst culprits i've heard for causing bad dreams! Also don't eat too late.

Thats all I've got in my armoury I'm afraid!



Hi and I do spiritual work and I love it, with a passion. Do you have a mirror, television and or computer in your bedroom please? Death is not bad and it is just going back home. I may be able to help you, if you want it? :) x


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