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the constant fatigue is just killing me..

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my fatigue stemming from my anxiety is so terrible i dont know what to do anymore. From the time my eyes open in the morning they feel heavy, sore and tired and my head feels groggy.. i thought at first it was dry eyes or allergies but drops didnt help. Ive tried sleeping longer hours thinking my body is trying to tell me something as i had been extra stressed. Ive tried facial massages and heat compresses. I notice a lot of eye and forehead twitching recently too.  I literally just feel like i could close my eyes and crash at any moment of the day. I work as a nanny part time and i just cant afford to be this tired when im watching young kids... obviously i dont drink caffiene so thats not an option for me.. help!

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Im on the same position!!! it is so hard to even get up in the morning and all i think is how tired I am and it makes my anxiety worse! have you tried exercise? xxx

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 a little, not nearly as much as i should. i run and i mountain bike. its extra hard to exercise when you feel so tired!!! i agree it makes the anxiety worse its just another thing that makes you think there is something seriously wrong with debating going to the doctor for some blood work but everytime i go they make me feel silly.

I have got the exact same symptoms as you and in my opinion they are the worst symptoms of anxiety. I cry all day long with this heaviness on my eyes. I am a single mother to 4 children and I also work with children. Everything seems impossible I don't know how to stop these symptoms

I know. It's very hard. I'm used to being tired especially with my mind going all day long but this time it's just a bit different.. Don't know what else to do! It makes the whole day that much harder 

I feel the same way. I can cope with most symptoms of anxiety but not the head pressure and this constant fatigue 

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I feel the exact way. I am here debating going to have blood work done. I am exhausted and so fatigued. Its worse than the anxiety itself. Its hard to exercise when you feel this tired. Its impossible to work cause i am drained. Any suggestions. Cannot have caffine

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