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Hey not been on here for a while now as been fine but recently I've come down with flu/cold and I ache everywhere blockednose, sore throat, cough but I ache all over even like near my arm pits ache and now I'm convinced I have cancer in my lymph nodes under arm pits :-/ I've been fine for ages as went back on meds but feel like I'm going down hill again xx

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I had the flu three weeks ago much the same as you. It took me two weeks to get over it as it was so severe.

I had pains everywhere, felt sick and had stomach cramps, plus my chest was full of gunk. A very nasty strain of flu but you'll get better.

I too have HA and of course started worrying about every ache.



will your lymph nodes do swell up while fighting an infection so that should be okay

the stuffiness that the mucus causes is sure to give you some anxiety

just try to focus on the good and once your sickness passes hoe that your anxiety doesnt stay


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