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Friday's Positive Challenge

Morning everyone, and a welcome to all those that have joined the site over the last 7 days, this part is mainly for you or to newer members who are not aware of some customs and traditions on the site.

We all suffer in one way or another, some more than others, with a problem that only those who suffer understand. Anxiety strikes you down and puts you in a state of perpetual worry, even panic. There is a need to try and share the feelings and obtain help so in order to get the ball rolling or break the ice and set us up for hopefully as stress a free weekend as possible, there is an open post each Friday.

The idea is that members try to post at least 3 positive actions or personal goals that they have achieved in the last week. To the individual it may be small but to the rest of us it could be helpful. This problem affects us in so many different ways a simple 'I managed to walk to the end of the street' could actually make another member feel that they were able to do the same.

There was a post last night 'My Friday Positives' that can be the starting point. Join that thread and hopefully you will feel that it is not just you against a world that doesn't understand.



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hi my positives are.

1, arranged a lovely meal out in secret with all of our family for our 47th wedding anniversary, hope she enjoys it.

2, put the booking in for xmas fair dinner at a local restaurant for o/h visually impaired group.

3, o/h is really trying to cut down her diazapam when she is anxious, proud of her.

hope all are having a less anxious day. love jasper xx


Hi Jasper, I am sure she will enjoy the dinner, what a wonderful thing you have done. Good positves. Have a blessed weekend.


Hello Jasper,

Congratulations to you and O/H and I hope you both enjoy the evening.

A good result if O/H can drop down the meds, so a thumbs up for that and a busy week of planning for you, all good.

Have a good weekend.

Take care



Hi Jasper,

What a lovely man you are, I do follow your posts.

Three very positives, I hope you both enjoy 2 of them, and that your wife cuts down on her diazapam. xx


thank you ecinue, had a fabulous time with all the family, just the way it should be. love jasper xx


Hello and thanks for posting again. My positves this week are:

1) I had a fun Monday outing with my mom and sisters.

2) Have continued to help my husband stay calm during stressful exams.

3) Starting on projects for my nephews birthday party, we are doing a Nighmare Before Christmas theme this year.

Wishing you all a great weekend full of peace and happiness.


well done petita, great 3 positives there, nightmare before xmas sounds a bit scary tho, love jasper xx


I take it the plan is for a certain actor to appear?

A good selection of positives.

Posting is not a problem, it's having the time to reply.

I hope the message gets across to members, we,re all in the same boat, those who don't suffer don't understand, it's only this site where we get genuine support.

Rant over.




thanks for the link to mine 1b4bed.

I've updated the picture. :)


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