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Welly welly well then..


I came back to the site to post an update and a cautionary tale.... only to find many changes have occurred... Being an administrator for a site such as HU takes a huge amount of strength and understanding on the part of the individual..... To read that some of the members are attacking these brilliant people is unfortunate..... This is a forum for help and contact with other humans that suffer with various issues stemming from anxiety..... not a Bit*h fest.... or a place to vent one's anger at another. Sad very sad..

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wll said I could"nt agree with you more. Extremely sad state of affairs, considering all the dedication, hard work, & their precious time so freely given to be treated in such an appalling manner, very sad indeed!!! BB XX

HiddenVolunteer Supporter in reply to loppyloo61

Hi Betty.

Agree with every word you said Anne xxxx

loppyloo61 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Anne, we have lost 2 amazing Administrators, I also have the feeling we have not seen the end of Members leaving, as yet. I am contemplating leaving myself but I know I will miss you all even if I hav"nt got the confidence to Post or Join-in much since I joined but the empathy & helped I have received has been just amazing!!

Thanks to everyone who has helped me over the past few months, more than yo will ever know!

I hope you are keeping reasonably well?

I hope to bump into you on Site soon?

Love Lynn xx

HiddenVolunteer Supporter

Morning Shadow

I love your picture on your profile made me smile.

Yes lots of changes on here. I am sure you have read whywhy post.

I hope all is well with you and that the job is going well for you.

if you ever want to talk you can always send me a private message.

You have given me some sound advice over the months and I thank you for that.

Have a good week your friend.

gardener x

I know I can't believe that people would behave this way. It is appalling. You don't have to look far to see how some people behave on the Internet with a sense of anonymity.

Well said,

Photogeek in reply to 21esme

Hi Sarah

Yes that the downside of the Internet. Thank goodness we don't

Have it yet on our other site. Shows what the world is like, people

Can forget why we are here, we are here for mutual support not

Vitriol or anger.


Hannah xx

HiddenVolunteer Supporter

Hi Steve.

Nice to hear from you.

It's a very sad state of affairs,when this as allowed to happen and no support at all from HU except empty promises.im staying around for a little while longer,because there are certain people I don't want to lose touch with,but I won't be on as much,probably just once a day.

Hope all is ok with you,love your new pic.If you post I will reply to you Anne xxd

Oh, Thats a really sad state of affairs. There's me thinking we were all here to offer support to each other. Im appalled that people can behave so badly to each other - but I'm unfortunately not surprised by it either.

please ignore those too ignorant to understand that what they are doing is wrong, and remember the fact that what goes around, comes around! (hopefully!)


Have I missed something? I know whywhy's stepped down which is very sad as she was one of the backbone's of this site, but I hadn't seen any nasty attacks on her or anyone else.

It's really out of order if attacks have happened and I know HU does very little to support the site. Not good.

I've just ready whywhy's post. what a horrible situation she ended up in and all she did for this site has gone unnoticed by HU.

Hi shadow

It's so nice to hear from you, hope you are keeping ok :)

I couldn't agree more with you, it's an absolute disgrace the way things have been handled.

I'm stay around a while longer if you want to p/m .

Wishing you a good day my friend :) xx

hi Steve, with you on your comments , these two good friends shouldn't have been treated in such a nasty way.

I too am now working, and only got to know about things last Friday.

I sent them both a pm and got the story up to date !.

pete .

Photogeek in reply to bepete

Hi Pete

Would hate to lose touch with you. Hope. Your settling

In the job . You will be an expert in no time. You must be tired too,

As when your off work for a while, you get tired then for the first month

Or two of going back to work.

Hannah. Xx

I think I have missed something but if people have been saying unkind things about others it needs putting a stop to. This is a site to give support and encourage each other not for bad mouthing people.



Hi Steve

How have you been? :)

It's a shame what has happened.

I was just catching up in all that has happened :(

Yes it is very sad when this stuff happens

Hannah x

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