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Me again

Hey me again I've been going through a rough patch lately with worrying about health again been on meds for a run down 3 weeks now but going through rough patch was fine for a while but I'm convicted I have a problem with my heart :-( but I know once I go docs and get it checked our again like I did before it'll all go away why can't I just get it out my head :-(

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Hi M1987,

Sorry to hear your anxiety is giving you a tough time at the moment. The focus of my health anxiety is my heart too, so I know how much it can take over your mind and stress you out.

I find it useful to keep a little note on me with a list of points on it that I can get out and go over when I panic. It says things like 'I'm only 25', 'I've been checked out by 3 qualified GPs', 'My ECGs were fine' etc. It doesn't get rid of the anxious thoughts but it does help to remind me how irrational they are so I can put my fears back into perspective a little bit.

Hope your rough patch passes soon,

Emma xxx

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