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How are you doing?


Just thought I’d ask if anyone needs to talk. I’ve been needing to sort through my feelings and have been having trouble finding safe feeling places for sharing lately. So I thought I’d see if anyone else is going through the same and needs to get thoughts out.

May you receive love peace hope joy and strength...

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Hi....thank you for posting...regardless of what's going on in the world the reality is it's really really scary and I do suffer from depression and anxiety so it's just making it worse I've been depressed the past three days Sunday Monday and Tuesday I'm going to run today I've been depressed about the same issues I was before I'm not losing weight I've been exercising like crazy and everything that's going on in the world is making me really anxious

I hear you. Even besides what has been going on is enough stress. For me my emotions are a jumbled mess so that it’s hard to even tell how I am feeling.

I think it’s a great idea to run. I think I’ll do the same today. I will just run around the block in my neighborhood. Do you feel endorphins when you run? I do and it releases the pent up energy in my body.

I definitely feel endorphins I get that runner's high and I'm pumped and I feel fantastic after I run that being said it also believe it or not interferes with my sleep it's crazy I should be after 3 months of running I should be sleeping like a baby but I'm not so it's just I've come to the conclusion that it's my illness and it sounds so selfish saying that with everything going on in the world but depression anxiety it's like it sucks

Me too I always feel anazibg after running! I wonder if the trouble sleeping is from anxiety or stress and I wonder if you’d try meditating before sleep.

I've tried everything before sleep...body scan meditation, I'm now trying powdered magnesium...I agree with you... it's always been the underlying Stress and Anxiety

Wow I also use powdered magnesium . I’m adding Ashwagandha to my day and night. I wonder if that could help.

Going for my run I'll message you when I get back

Have a good run!!!

Great run yesterday!!

I really feel insecurw with this current atmosphere on top of my usual anxieties and insecurities. Always here to listen

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Thanks I hear ya. I feel like everything is off or different and I’m trying to find my place in it all.

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Feel like I was doing well until a few days ago. Hard to admit that I’ve lost control again. Suddenly I’ve realized that I need to do something to pick myself back up and start feeling less negative. I agree with Love2run1969. Exercise helps. Maybe I’m feeling more depressed and anxious because I’ve taken a break from exercise.? Now, I feel like I just want to sleep all the time or sometimes my brain feels like it’s on the go . Meditation might work, but I feel I need a quiet space. Might have to start that up. Thanks for asking

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I just went out and did some sprinting and running and my brain is less full and I feel healthier.

I think u r right. Let’s exercise and see how we are doing then. Can you find a quiet space for meditating? Best to you!

Starrlight, yea I’m anxious like I haven’t been in a long time. Prayer definitely helps.

It’s great that you write, keep it up.


Hi Liti! Thanks! Just came back from sprinting/running and my brain is less full the anxiety down some. Good idea to pray. I prayed with my kids today, the same prayers we always say but I went on to meditate as well. Don’t forget there’s the deep breathing we can do too. Only thing is some of the things we do don’t help for long... sometimes 10 minutes after I run I feel like I should run again :( ... oh anxiety ...

Hi Star.

I am doing o k . Just going through the motions with daily things that need doing. Also walking on the trails close to where I live. Taking some photos.

I also joined positive well being site to try to keep my mood up. The longer it goes on the harder it will get so I am trying to prepare myself.

I need all the positive thinking I can get. Some other people from anx and dep are on there also. Have you considered that or are you already a member of the community already ?

Take care ❤️❤️

I am a member. You sound good, better than me... there are things going on in my relationship that makes me feel like my world has tipped over.

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Yeah we get it on here when even our close friends can’t get it. I’m glad you are here Pepper!

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