You're not alone...and not without hope

Hi Fellow Anxiety Sufferers!

Although there are a large number of support forums online, I quite liked the look of this one so took the plunge. I don't know why I've never done this before. It's quite cathartic to just get my thoughts out to be honest!

I've suffered with Anxiety Disorder for nigh on 20+ years now (I'm 47 now), although I've never been able to pin down a physical, emotional or mental event that triggered it off all those years ago.

One thing I do know, as I'm sure many of you out there have come to recognise, is that it is a self perpetuating ailment that is rooted in the sub-conscious. The problem with our sub-conscious is that it doesn't do a great job of differentiating what is real/not real and what is good/bad for us. It just does what it does and damn the consequences!

I recently came across some discussion regarding separation of sub-conscious events from conscious day-to-day activities. Although this delves into the murky realms of psychology, it can be simplified if we choose to view it in a more simplified manner.

Two methods I've used to 'disconnect' my own conscious from the sub-conscious onslaught during a panic/anxiety attack is to force myself to recall that

1) I have suffered such an attack innumerable times before for years, and they have always passed without serious incident. Telling myself "This too will pass" helps to calm the dread quite a lot.

2) Breathing is key - focus on breathing slowly and steadily - think 'Blue' as you breathe in, 'Red' as you breath out.....exorcise those demons!

3) Focus on something menial - whether it's a simple task around the house, or something as trivial as organising your desk at work... it will help distract your sub-conscious and take the focus of your conscious self away from the perceived symptoms of the anxiety

I hope this helps someone out there as it has for me. I'm not anxiety-free....particularly with a recent divorce making its presence felt in my life... but at least I can live with this, and not find myself spiralling into the hell that is depression.

Take care of yourselves everybody - you are the masters of your destiny!


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  • Well hi . It sounds like you are doing the right things. I think this might be useful to those who are new to anxiety. Welcome.

  • Hi Daz and welcome here . I think your Post was very helpful and its

    Always helpful to distract yourself too, kind of focus on something silly ,

    I usually do a chore like quick clean bathroom if I'm anxious. So I have a clean

    Bathroom . Lol.

    Hannah xx

  • Hi Hannah, thanks for the welcome! I too will clean till the cows come home sometimes, but that may be the OCD kicking in, which doesn't help matters!

  • hi daz, welcome to the site, read your post to my o/h , so when she anxious she is going to do just that, she has a special table we have just bought, she is going to give it a good clean whenever she feels herself going into a panic attack, wil see how it goes. thank you. jasper xx

  • Hi Daz and welcome :)

    Good post!

    I hope that it helps fellow sufferers :)


  • Hi Daz, great post. Welcome and thanks for sharing, I think many will find this advise useful.

  • Sounds nice and simple to do.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hi and welcome,

    Thank you for your suggestions but the distraction doesn't have to be cleaning it can be anything. personally i'll phone a friend, look for stuff on the internet read or watch telly or if things are really bad i might go out on my bike or for a walk if I have the time.

  • Absolutely...anything to keep the subconscious at bay! ;-)

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