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Just to say

As I doubt anyone will notice but now one of the founders of this site which some will know as Donver sadly has left Living with Anxiety all together & no she was not banned it was her choice which I totally understand her reasons but I think it would be very selfish if it was not recognised ALL the hard work , support & kindness she showed everyone on the Anxiety sites on HU

No doubt she will soon be forgotten for most using the site which is very sad as she did help create Living with Anxiety as a community !!!




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Here here,well said whywhy xxxx


Oh Bev that's a shame yes Donver and yourself put such a lot of time and hard work into creating Living with Anxiety. I think the site has really gone down although it was a site for people with anxiety it was a happy site but not anymore. Such a...


Hi Bev

Just noticed we have lost a volunteer.



This actually makes me sad and angry. Yes i totally get that you both feel let down and that sucks, but i cant help feeling that by the way things have been worded that the recognition of that hard work means more than staying around and helping...


Hi WHYWHY thanks for that lovely Post. t about Donver.

You put it very well WHYWHY and I certainly won't forget you or Donver.

It's true how people can get lost in the busy Admin and faceless ness of sites.

WHYWHY how are you doing? Are you ok?...


Thank you whywhy for informing us that Donver has left the Site of her own accord! This is such a sad state of affairs but completely understand both of your decisions to leave! Also just seen that Pink had stepped down as a Volunteer! I support you 100%!!

None of you will ever be forgotten, not by me in any case. As you all helped me immensely in your own unique way!

I would just like to wish you & Donver all the very best for your future (as I believe Pink is staying but not a a Volunteer, of course I wish her well too!).

I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the care, kindness, empathy & help you in particular showed towards me, you have helped me more than you will ever know!

Every blessing to the both of you for your future, may you find health, happiness & peace of mind.

God Bless

Grateful thanks

Love Lynn XX <3 XX :(


Oh no that's not good:( I just want to say I haven't been here long but Thankyou both for the help it's was lovely having people that underStand! I wish donver all the very best

Horsemad xxxxx


Hi Bev,

You have all done the right thing, it is of no use to try and run a community without backing from the Management, I don't think this site will survive anymore, which is sad, you will all be sadly missed, but sending you love and light.

Eunice xx


Nicely put Hun :) xx


Very sad but not really a shock, why why and donver have been a force, helping us lot with our anxiety while suffering some serious issues themselves.. really sad to see them go :'( . Would like to wish you both the best of health and to thank you so much for your support. With out you guys things could have been a lot different... Take care both xx


Totally agree well said xx


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