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Misery loves company?

I definitely don't wish this on anyone, so the feeling of relief at so many similar stories, is a little strange. I really just feel that this disorder can be so isolating even with the strength of family and loved ones by your side. They can be sympathetic, but they never really understand and every now and then you'll catch an eye roll like you're a hypochondriac or just simply a negative person. I can't tell you how many times I've heard, "just get your mind on something else" or "if you smile on the outside, your insides will catch up". Yeah... No. It's actually pretty insulting. Like I'm not smart enough to have tried this first. Anyways, the point of this is that I appreciate all of the speedy positive feedback and advice and I am extremely sorry, yet comforted, that you feel my pain.

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Hello. I agree, although not so fond of the idea as I too don't want others to feel this way... but it is comforting to know we are not alone and perhaps our shared experiences will help us.


Morning Slw

I agree with you that this illness can be very isolating.

I think it is hard for people to understand anxiety as it is such a hidden illness. People have said to me on more than one occasion, " there's nothing wrong with you, you just worry to much" or things like just breath etc and you will be okay.

Well if it was that simple I wouldn't be like I am at times super anxious would I.

I have found this site helpful in the fact that I can be myself and honest to how I am truly feeling and going through painful frightening times.

Just knowing there is a listening ear can help, also others can come up with ways to helpful advice who have been through similar episodes as me.

keep posting on here and we all do are best to support each other.

Gardener x



I am sure none of wish anyone to suffer with anxiety but when we find others that feel the same as we do it is a relief so don't feel guilty because it can be a lonely place thinking you are the only one feeling as you do till you find others that can relate to you & so many members do & that is how these communities become somewhere we can share & not be told to pull are socks up etc , if only it were that easy

Keep coming on & talking , little steps that's all we need to take but slowly things will improve even though I know at times we don't always see that

Take Care





I know what you mean. It is comforting to know others too have a similar quality of life when faced daily with people who can smile and genuinely laugh and shrug things away. For others it is hard work that reallt takes its toll on our health. I have said before how anxiety can make us selfish , this is true ofc but i also see many people here who are stronger than those, even and especially on our bad days, for we are having to work far harder to carry on than those who find things easy . X


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